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What's traffic like in Seattle, Washington?

Asked by kevbo (25634points) August 14th, 2007 from iPhone

I'm staying in West Seattle and doing some touring in Seattle proper from Aug 22-25.

1. Can I expect to get on the next available water taxi from pier 55 to West Seattle during the afternoon rush (given the I-5 project).

2. Ditto for a.m. rush

3. What are bus commutes to and from West Seattle looking like. Do they suck?

Many thanks!

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I don't live in West Seattle, but I can give you a few really good resources to use while you're here. Also, note that the Elliott Bay water taxi has increased it's service to accomodate the construction:

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If you're looking for some good eats while you're there too, try:

Blackbird Bistro:
Jak's Grill
Ovio Bistro

and if you're bringing your girlfriend, Clementine is a great, funky boutique with items from local artists.

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traffic through "the clog" has not been that bad at all. i drove north through the construction area and it only took like 10 min. not sure if busses are re-routing but if they arent, i believe they have a bus lane (?). but seattle times has been hyping up the water taxi, so i'm sure you will have no problem with that! have a good trip!

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