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My boyfriend is looking for a job. We need help?

Asked by squirbel (4297points) October 13th, 2008

We can’t think of or decide on what places he should try applying. He is a student in college still, while I am done. His classes during the week are in the 11am – 4pm block.

Is UPS a bad place to work? I see that the job is part-time only – you work about 4 hours each day, 20 hours a week… and you earn about 110–150 dollars per week after taxes.

That would definitely help, and assist with the rent in the way that is needed – but has anyone ever worked for UPS?

Are there things we should be concerned with working that type of job?

What are some other jobs we could look into? We both have limited work experience.

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are there any options at school? I worked in the food service and they worked with your schedule. Options for overtime.

Libraries are good

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My neighbor, a college professor, worked at UPS for a while between teaching gigs. He seemed to really like it. He was a driver, I think.

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He could wrench his back or break a fingr hand or foot. But it is rare. I wish him the best of luck especially considering the rates of unemployment in this country

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It will be ideal if he can find a job that is related to his major in college. But UPS has been known to be a good employer, make sure he is covered if he is injured in the job though.

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I live in Louisville where UPS’s HUB is located. I know many, many people who have worked there, mostly during 3rd shift. Most of them were in school and needed to work odd hours to allow for their classes.

The pay and benefits are pretty good and the opportunities for advancement are also nice.

I think it would be better than working at the mall or something, as it provides room to move up into other positions. It also doesn’t look bad on a resume.

Do you have health insurance? I think they offer it to their employees.

Hope this helps.

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girlofscience is right. A bookstore is a great place to work while you are in school. You can get great discounts on your books that way.

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gos and boxing both have good ideas.

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I loved workig at UPS. Sure it’s hard but you get a nice work out. It’s 4 hours a night and you get great benefits.

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Had a friend that worked for UPS…a very good work out, just be careful of your back. How about a coffee shop?

Or bartending?

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He was working in a coffee shop until a week ago. It pays far too little.

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Than bartending…he could work the cocktail hour. Try upscale restaurants with bars.
Good luck.

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I’ve known a lot of people who’ve worked for UPS while still in school. Besides flexible hours and good pay, I think they also have some kind of education assistance program?

Bartending is always fun too. But it’s hard to balance all that fun and school.
Free alcohol can be a bit of a bane to hitting the books and those pesky AM classes.

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The service industry where tips are the norm (as deaddolly suggested) is a great place to start. You come home with money every night instead of having to wait for the paycheck.

Bartending is better than waiting tables, but there are fewer positions. He might take a server position in hopes of moving up to bartender later. In any case, look for upscale restaurants where alcohol is served (bigger bills ==> bigger tips).

Not knowing your bf’s skill set is a little tricky… but I can say that part-time freelance computer work can also be rather profitable with flexible hours.

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4 hours a day 5 days a week is a lot of commuting, he would do better with 3 – 8 hour days. One nice thing about UPS is anyone can get a temporary job around the holidays assisting a driver by walking the packages to the door, easy.

Trader Joe’s night stocking crew sounds right to me, or busing tables(although the restaurant business is full of seedy people in my experience).

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The service industry is a good suggestion since it offers flexibility, late hours and the possibility for good tips so you have cash on hand, but also look at part-time positions at a local hospital.

I can’t say enough about this, since a collection of flexible hospital jobs are what put me entirely through undergrad and taught me a host of ‘marketable skills’ that would put me at a much higher rung on the workforce ladder when I got out.

The pros were: I made more than minimum wage, was able to get additional shift differential pay during nights, weekends, and holidays, was able to pick up extra shifts when I needed more income. I accrued vacation time that I could cash out if I didn’t use it. In some cases, I was eligible for health insurance benefits too. Because I wasn’t in retail, I wasn’t tempted to spend money and the job was stable for the entire time I was in school. There were a lot of other perks (unlimited free pens and post its, cheap employee meals) that made it a really good choice for someone in school.

Most of these jobs are clerical or light labor; XRay file clerk, Emergency Room Registration, patient transport, Physician Answering Service, etc. and you get A LOT of experience from them.

When I was done I’d learned all the MS apps, tons of different databases, accounting and billing systems, and medical terminology among other things.

Feel free to drop me a comment if you want any other information.

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