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Are you living up to your full potential?

Asked by bkburbo (251points) October 14th, 2008

Why/why not? This is half-tongue-in-cheek, but I find this question interesting.

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no. Some reasons are I’m too shy, I live at home, I’m not spontaneous enough, I know too much textbook stuff so I can’t get a full grasp on street knowledge because the textbook knowledge gets in the way.

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I would be bored otherwise.

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Oh hell no.
1) Lazy
2) Anxiety and depression
3) Other obligations

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No I don’t believe I’m living up to my full potiential. sadly enough, but i’d say it would be honest for me to say i’m not.mostly because I’m to lazy at times and am not a big fan of changes.

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Actually, I think I’m living beyond my “full potential,” at least when that refers to the things I have the potential to do at this moment. Grad school involves working with a lot of things that are over your head until they become not over your head.

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Truth is there’s no way to know what your “full potential” is.

My friend tells me I’ve accomplished so much.

My wife tells me I could do so much more.

I feel I’m just right for the moment. I wrestle with this question every day though.

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Do I know?I am among the middle of live level.I having a ideas haw to claim higher.Every one want more and more as time goes by.I am asking my self.Do I need more?I thing mine brain is enough.

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@pathfinder: Your sentences rarely make sense.

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@ pathfinder And I ask again – what is your native language? I don’t mean this in a snarky way at all. I just would like to know if English is not the language you are most comfortable in.

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I’m sure I’m not. I’m lazy as well. I should have gotten more education and found my true calling. Trouble is, I never knew (and still don’t know) what that was. I think we just all reach some sort of contentment with our lives and don’t want to rock the boat.

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No. I will reache my full potential when I can sit under a tree with no conceived thoughts actions or deeds I would just be one with my surroundings and have absolutely no doubts or fears about the world and my place in it.

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In some areas I am, and in some areas not at all. Work, I can say without a doubt yes, but it took too long to get there if I had a choice I would have gotten there when I was a lot younger. I own a home, again I wish I would have had a home sooner. Relationships, that is where I fall short, my great question to myself is (from showtime) why am I still single? Now if I ever get that puzzle solved then I feel, I will be living up to my full potential.

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Not yet, but I will be.

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Does anyone else think that Pathfinder’s native language may be English after all?

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i think i have seen my full potential with my current attitude and realise i could not go further unless i change my habits.

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I’m definitely not. The reason is a combination of depression and a lack of certain resources, I think. I’m trying very badly to get on my feet and improve my life, though.

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Interesting about depression. That’s what I blame, too. But I wonder if that may be a cause, rather than an effect. I have a strong sense of wasting my abilities, and thus I get depressed?

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No. I never have, nor will I ever.

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We ARE spending time on Fluther instead reading uplifting books, volunteering for community projects, inventing cures for fatal diseases or praying for world peace, so the answer is…....?

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Hmmm, galileogirl has a point…

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She does and doesn’t have a point. Just because we spend time on this site it doesn’t mean that we don’t also possibly do the other things she mentioned. And you can’t really base that opinion on the answers to this question, either, because it was targeted at a lot of people who would answer “no”, when there’s a whole website full of other people who would probably answer “yes”.

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Yeah, except potential is a relative term. If I thought I was reaching my potential if I worked in a somewhat important position within a major university, then I’ve managed to reach my potential. If it is within my potential to make a recording of my music that I really like, then I’ve reached my potential. If my goal is to write stuff that strangers read, then I’ve reached my potential.

But if I think I should be running the university, I’m a failure. If I should be touring the country with my music, I’m a failure. If I should write a major bestseller that enlightens people about the world, I’m a failure.

I’ll give you two guesses as to which set of attitudes reflects my thinking about myself, and the first one doesn’t count.

If I told you what I thought my real potential is, you would laugh so hard, you wouldn’t be able to breathe! It goes without saying that on a scale of progress towards that potential that runs from 0 to 100, I’m at -50.

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I just compared my potentiometer reading with my do-o-meter reading and they may or may not be equal. I’m not sure. I was just wondering if you read from the do-on scale or from the goal-a-tons scale? If they’re not equal, is it the fault of the do-o-meter or the potentiometer? If you surpass what someone else reads as your potentiometer reading in one area and fall short in another do the surplus and the deficit cancel each other out? Is it good or bad to live up to your potential? If you’re living up to your potential have you used it all up? Do you now have no potential? No plan? Nowhere to go? What if my do-o-meter is pegged and I haven’t hit the goal-a-tons required for my potentiometer to be satisfied? Things that make you go “hmmmmm”. :^>

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for the most part, yes.
why only for the most part? i’m still living with my parents. they don’t want their baby girl growing up and leaving so soon. i know i’ve got a lot ahead of me, and i’ll get there eventually. just once a graduate from this silly school that requires me to be a resident in the same house as my legal gaurdians.

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You betcha! (wink, wink)

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No, not at all. I probably have the potential to be passing all my subjects with straight As right now, but I have become lazy with my schoolwork and let marks slide to make way for more sports and more recreational activities. My school work is stressing me out and I have been losing motivation for a while now. Hopefully it will pick back up in time for exams.

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I feel that I have yet to achieve my full potential (I’m a work in progress!);
yet I do believe that I have exceeded the expectations of everyone who ever knew me.

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Human ‘s potential are only limited due to laziness. Otherwise , human can progress very far. Normally human only uses less than 5% of their brain capacity ( can’t remember the correct figure but it is around there). Probably we are more limited physically than mentally since most of the sports world record have not change much. Probably the bolt guy might prove me wrong .

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@mea, actually that brain capacity thing is a myth. I think the figure is 10%, but in truth, apparently we use much more. We could ask the neuroscientists around here for more accurate answers.

And I would say you’ve got it wrong about laziness. Without laziness, we’d be back in the stone ages. It’s only because we didn’t want to take so much time doing things the hard way that we’ve made any progress at all. Show me a lazy person, and I’ll show you a creative inventor.

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No, I’m not. And I know this because I’m not happy. Why not? I’m lazy, don’t have a good grasp on how to live life to the fullest potential possible. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, ironically. And I’ve realized I don’t want to make excuses any more, so I’m working on all this! Haha.

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We should form a self-help group: Potential Up we could call ourselves.

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I’m in.

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@daloon sign me up. when is the first meeting? :-)

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Are you guys serious? If you are, I’m just wondering how we could manage it. Hah! We could ask fluther!

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We all need a good virtual kick in the ass now and again!

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Not daloon, though. You might bruise Brazil or Africa if you do that.

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Well, you can kiss my Africa (or maybe Brazil, if you are so inclined), if you’re gonna be like that!

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As long as you’re turning the other cheek and all….

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@augustlan: so which was it, Africa, or Brazil?

You’d think I’d know, but I have to tell you, there is little feeling in my posterior at the moment. I’d like to fix that, but they still haven’t figured out how to send feelings across the internet.

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Currently, I don’t think I am living up to my potential in any aspect of my life. The past two years have just been me, being mediocre (at best) to the last degree.
But either way, Potential is a matter of opinion. I might think that I am not living up to my potential while a friend may think I am surpassing my potential.
I don’t know…I just know that I personally could try harder.

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No – Reason Why: I’ve got too much against me at this time.

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No, no one can be at his full potential,

because there is always a bigger challenge.

so, that thing you call “full potential”

is just a present state of satisfaction.

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No, I wish I was. I have been propelled by the wings of economic stress and paying bills so I just plod day in and out. Oh gosh! will it end.

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My “Full Potential” has changed over the years…..I guess it would depend on which portion of my life you looked at. My full potential as a Mom? Yes. My full potential as a money earner? No. My full potential for having a “perfect life overall?” No. Am I satisfied with the equation of + – + – - + +...yes. I’m satisfied, mostly, withe the answer to the equation. Did I mention I’m in the middle of an Algebra course at our local community college? Ahem…

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