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How do I tranfer the data (like ratings and playlists! and not necessarily the songs) from my iPod to my iTunes?

Asked by JonnyCeltics (2721points) October 15th, 2008

My computer was completely refurbished, leaving nothing but my hard drive. I backed up my music and mp4 vidoes onto an external, so I still have all of my files. However, for those of you who put so much effort into their iTunes and love the benefits of it (and also on your iPod) – how do I transfer that data back onto my iTunes? Did I make that too confusing? I just want my ratings and playlists back!!!!!

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On a Mac that info is stored in a file called iTunes Music Library.xml and it can be found in /Users/yourusernamehere/Music/iTunes.

So if you have that file from your old computer you can just overwrite the new one with the old one. Make sure iTunes is closed when doing this.

I’m not sure about the location of that file on Windows but it should be similar.

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The easiest thing is to copy your iTunes folder to the same location on your new computer. when you start up iTunes the next time, it will look just like the old one.

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