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Have you turned on the heat?

Asked by SuperMouse (30842points) October 18th, 2008

We’re relighting the pilot light and firing up the heater this weekend. How about you? Have the crisp fall days arrived in your neck of the woods?

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Nope. The A/C is still on at my house!

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Not yet but I should. It is getting into the 30s at night here.

I live in a RV so the temperature outside is about the same as it is in here.

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A week or two ago the temperature dropped considerably for what it usually is here. It may be pitiful compared to what it gets to elsewhere, but it felt cold. So yeh, our heating has gone on again.

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It was 83 today and gorgeous!

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It’s supposed to get down to 41 here tonight, but I like the house cold (the birds have their own heater).

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Summer ended in the UK about 3 months ago (and started 2 weeks before that). ;) So we hardly turned the heating off!

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Supposed to be 31 degrees tonight, but I haven’t found the need for heat yet.
I’m still sleeping with my sheet and no comforter.

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Haven’t turned it on yet, but probably should…it’s getting pretty damn chilly in the house at night/early AM.

Edit: It is an oil heat system, so we’ll delay as long as possible!

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It’s on, but it hasn’t kicked in yet. Well, that’s not true – the central heating hasn’t kicked on, but I have a portable heater already going in the basement, where people were playing and watching tv.

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I add layers onto me and stall as long as possible. I also have zoned heating and only keep kitchen and my office marginally balmy (62˚).

Milo has proven to be a very efficient hotwater bottle. I think the feeling is mutual because he seems to be schrooching closer and closer to me. When I turn over at night now, I bump into a very warm lump.

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Nope, I live in FL. In the winter I just bundle up because it only last a month or so. I try to appreciate the cold while it’s here.

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@Damien: Are you familiar with the Flanders and Swann song about weather in the UK?

And original lyrics.

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tonight, the temp will drop to 40 degrees. We have added a blanket to the bed, but have a window cracked for the fresh, cool air. No furnace yet!

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I have propane (we switched from wood l4 years ago when we figured out the smoke was giving me sinus infections). Propane is now wildly expensive. I spent the dry part of the fall re-caulking all the seams between inside and outside, even though we’d always thought it was healthier to have a kinda leaky inside/outside air exchange. Bought an infrared heater from some bizarre online place. It’s amazingly effective: a dumpy little box like a jumbo toaster that keeps a big 30×35’ room at an even 62 degrees – warm enough for sweater-wearing me and the animals – who never take their coats off, after all.

@Gail/Milo: My cat also is upping the cuddly.

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susanc, what’s an infrared heater? I’m intrigued.

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well, it’s not up to me. The building turn the heat when the temperture drops below certain point. However, it always too hot so we have to run the AC to cool it down. What a great way to waste energy!

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@gail, haha, that’s brilliant, all so true as well!

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yep..only at night tho. i’ve the windows open during the day.

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my husband turned the heat on briefly this morning. I turned it off.

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And last night I changed everyone’s blankets from summer quilts, to the winter quilts, with a fleece layer between the sheet and comforter…this is the earliest I can remember doing that.

@gailcalled – sure wish I had a warm lump of a kitty… :( or three…

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Broke down and turned it on today (Sunday 10/19). It will be 31 degrees tonight!

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Just barely cold here in Texas. Morning temp 49 degrees. Checked the heating but it is turned off now. Good programable thermostat and efficient furnace, but it still needs a pre-season check.

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Yes they have. We’ve already had some snow. Not much but enough to remind us that winter is coming.

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