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Which states or countries have the mildest climate?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) August 1st, 2010

I’m honestly considering moving because the Texas heat bothers me more and more with each passing year. I’m trying to figure out which places I might enjoy; I hate uber hot summers and uber cold winters.

What are some locations that seem to be pretty mild year round?

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I live in Southern California. It is perfect out today. It was perfect out yesterday. It will be perfect tomorrow. In four or five months it might rain.

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I have to say. Southern California is most consistent.

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So Cal near the coast is about perfect for me. I lived in LA for 5 years. I don’t like heat or humidity and yet I never had or wanted an air conditioner.

I bicycled ten miles to work, and the difference between December and August was long-sleeve jersey vs. short-sleeve.

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There’s moderate warm (Los Angeles, San Diego) and moderate cool (Seattle, Portland, SF). Take your pick.

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@GeorgeGee I was thinking Seattle but I read the winters are freezing with very deep snow. Not true? I know it was 65 last wk because a friend of mine was up there for 2 wks. Perfect.

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I hear the weather in Seattle causes people to kill themselves.

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Oh, Chaz. R U joking or are u referring to the GLOOM factor? I cannot take a whole lotta cloudy days.

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The Pacific Northwest has pretty mild weather, if you don’t mind the rain. I lived in Portland for 11 years and they have basically two seasons, wet and dreary and not wet and beautiful, but not wet and beautiful is only about 3 or 4 months out of the year. The winters are generally mild though they do sometimes get snow and freezing temperatures. I also lived in Austin for 7 years and though I eventually got pretty acclimated to it, I know how you feel. Texas has three seasons: hot, not all that hot and blast furnace hot. The only time it really got to me was when the air condition in my truck went out. When I was moving it was not pleasant but tolerable, when I was stuck in traffic it came pretty close to either killing me, or making me want to kill myself. Hawaii is supposed to be pretty nice year round.

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If you like rain, come to England.. :-/
I’ll even put you up for a while. Least till you dry out ;-)

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I live in texas and it’s blazing hot, not that hot, rainy or perfect.
We moved in here in Feb and it was Very nice. But it won’t be decent here now until October. Bad deal.

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@Scooby Oooohhhhh….. I’m one of those people that really loves gloomy, rainy days. I figure I can get a lot of that in England or Ireland. I have no idea how hot or cold it gets though. I’m not very smart with those things.

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Anywhere from
-26.1°C to 38.5 °C
But they are the extremes, just bring a rain Mac & plenty of fresh socks ;-) oh and a pair of wellies too…...

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When I was in San Diego, I remember it raining three times in 4½ years. Aside from those three times, it was 68 and sunny all the time, no matter when.
Christmas? 68 and sunny.
Fourth of July? 68 and sunny.
Two in the morning? 68 and sunny.
Middle of a nuclear winter? 68 and sunny.

@ChazMaz Actually, it’s been pretty nice here for the last week or so. What makes us Seattlites want to kill ourselves is traffic; I’d rather die by my wn hand at the time of my choosing than unexpectedly when some jackass who can’t figure out that it’s not okay to change lanes when there is a car right next to you on I-5.

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@jerv My husband refuses to move to Cali, LOL. He’s been there and hates the fact that he couldn’t find good tex-mex anywhere. I really don’t think we’ll find awesome tex-mex anywhere except Texas, though, so maybe that means I’ll have to learn how to cook a lot of tex-mex items for him. =0)

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@jerv What about kirkland? Edmonton? Must be some small towns w/light traffic. I hear the flowers are Huge and Gorgeous!!

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Hawaii. Hawaii. Hawaii. Hawaii. 75 degrees in the winter, and 85 in the summer.

Of course, the cost of living is 30% higher than the mainland, but it’s paradise.

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I don’t know because every state I ever lived in was miserably hot in summer, which is not my favorite time of year. This will be an even better question in 50 or 100 years, when global warming is so apparent all over the globe that there will be no more naysayers or

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@Aster Kirkland is a bit East of any place I need to be and Edmonton is about 15–16 hours (~800 miles) away. Maybe you are thinking of Edmonds?
Still, I-5 is a necessary evil since it cuts my commute time by more than half since I live fairly close to it and my workplace is less than a mile from the exit at the other end.

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The whole west coast is pretty mild, though it gets colder the farther north you go. I like the San Francisco bay area—it’s never as warm as Southern Cali, but that means it rarely gets unbearably hot.

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@jerv ok; well, are there any rural or small towns near seattle or is the western part all heavy traffic / urban sprawl/ traffic jams?

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(Seattle’s average snowfall is 15 inches, whereas in Portland it’s 5. That said, Portland had a huge snowstorm last year, and we got more like 4 feet. But that’s rare.)

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I guess you’d have to say Southern California is consistently dry and sunny. Personally I enjoy 4 distinct seasons and lots of foliage though. So Cal is too arid for me but quite comfortable nonetheless.

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@Aster You have to go inland to avoid it, and Seattle intentionally makes it difficult/impossible to detour too much. East of I-5 isn’t bad except for the 520 bridge, but that would be well out of my way at both ends. North of Everett is likewise calm. For the most part though, it’s one big, honking metroplex from Marysville to a ways South of Tacoma, and East to Bellevue. Lucky for me that the real gridlock is Southbound in the morning and Northbound after quitting time the opposite way from where I am going.

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Jamaica. average year round temperature is 78 degrees. it rains for 5 minutes and then the sun comes back out. perfect conditions for their Blue Mountain Coffee to be grown there.

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Wherever wine grapes grow well is an indicator of a good climate for humans.

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Country = Belize

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I get a few weeks of heat in summer, but mostly the climate in the Sierra foothills is pretty sublime. Beautiful falls, fun stormy and sometimes snowy winters, glorious green green springs…except for the allergy zone. lol

I’m a mountain girl though, love the coast but it gets boring…gotta have my mountains and rivers and wildlife and starry, starry nights!

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Forida.. I live in a Beach town so the wind comes of the ocean and cools it a bit. Why do you think Florida is the place to retire?

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How about Ireland?

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Northern Queensland in Australia, we are in the midst of winter here. It only reached the low 80’s today, I nearly froze to death!

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The gulfstream ensures that England has both mild winters and summers, and we don’t have serious storms and tornadoes. The climate is very consistent, however the weather is anything but – all four seasons in a day sometimes.

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In the early days of the 20th century, the United States and Germany collaborated to locate the regions with the best climate. Redwood City, CA, the Canary Islands, and the Mediterranean Coast of North Africa hold the distinction of “Climate best by government test.” Redwood City has adopted those words as its slogan, and puts it on its stationary, and the big ol’ Redwood City sign on El Camino Real.

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