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Can you help me with insurance ?

Asked by scrappy (23points) October 18th, 2008

I recently purchased a car, an older muscle car. I’m looking for advice on insurance. I’ve never had any insurance in my name. I had thought of just signing up online, since I do most of my business online and pay bills mostly online. Do you have any suggestions on where to start? is there a way I could get different quotes without signing up or being hasseled by a sales person? thanks in advance

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I went with Geico. I liked the Gecko guy on TV.

No, seriously, they were the cheapest.

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I’ve heard GEICO is good.
Progressive gets a lot of air time.
The issue with car insurance is their payout in times of claim, all of them will take your money.
You might do some google searches for reviews of the above, check e-pinion.

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I have Progressive, and I like Progressive.

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Look for an insurance agency. I work at one. They will shop all sorts of companies, find the best company, with the best terms for the best price. The best companies isn’t necessarily the cheapest, it depends what kind of coverage you want.

A agency will be able to answer all questions and find what is best for you.

I work at an agency. So yeah….

Kudos to girlfscience, I like progressive too.

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@thebox193, wonderful advice. I too work for an insurance agency. The problem with buying on the internet is that if you do have a question or need to file a claim you have to call an 800#. By using an agency you can go to them with any questions, claims, or concerns you may have.

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Get quotes from the larger companies. If they won’t give you a quote, move on. It sounds like you are young. If so prepare for a big s shock. your individual insurance could go up 50% and if you have tickets or accidents some companies might refuse you. You can put your insurance on a credit card or pay 6 months at a time or monthly online like any other bill.

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You didn’t indicate the state in which you live. Most states have a governmental Department of Insurance with many helpful guides to auto, health, life and other types of insurance. Here is a link to the auto insurance consumer guide on the website of the Ohio Department of Insurance:

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ah there scared of me now so i beter not say any thing…i might get another exhibitionist award

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