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How long do you follow a question?

Asked by intro24 (1434points) October 20th, 2008

If you answer a question how long is it until you stop following it? Do you eventually hit the stop following button or just forget about it?

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Till the thread gets boring or it pisses me off. It’s fun to have a random old question pop up every once in a while.

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I never stop!

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Holy Shit!

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wow JP how do you manage it then?

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@Bri :: That is automatic. It will build up if you never click on those links.

Due to a problem with Firefox the page would kill my browser if I loaded it. It was simply to long. So by the time I noticed that feature my browser would die if I loaded those pages.

This was fixed with pagination on Fluther and FF3. I just got in the habit of never checking those links.

And now I think it is funny to have those numbers large.

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so you never check those activities?

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what if someone answers what you have said on it?

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JohnPowell, you are a fascinating creature.

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I manage to keep up.

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i can’t do that i’m to curious.

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Some I’ll follow forever. If there is a definitive answer given, and nothing fun/interesting going on, then I’ll stop.

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I’m currently following over 1,360 activities. A fraction of johnpowell‘s. ツ

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Till i get completely bored with it….ususally after a week or so.

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Until I’ve seen enough, whether it’s soon or late. I don’t follow more than eight or ten at a time.

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forever. i haven’t checked my activities in for ever. i just can’t keep up. there are so many more questions to answer, and so little time to answer them! i’ll check back on a few when i think about them, but it’s rare.

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If it’s a question that is so basic that it only needs a few good responses before it gets boring, I stop following it.

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Until it ceases to feed my narcissistic side.

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Until I get bored or annoyed at seeing it.

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Who’s still following?

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