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Is it bad to put a repeat response to a repeat question?

Asked by toomuchcoffee911 (6928points) February 23rd, 2009

Assuming it’s my response; I’m not copying anyone.

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If it is, I’m guilty. If I’ve answered a similar question previously and I’m still satisfied with my post, I’ll either link to that answer or copy and paste.

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It’s worse than gay marriage and embryonic stem cell research COMBINED!

Shame on you!

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noo, i think its even better when you answer with information youve read from other fluthers, you learn something new everyday! and why not spread the knowledge?

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I do it all the time. Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to?

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Nope, you should.

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I either do that or not answer at all. My automatic response is to just reply with “dragonflyfaith groans”.

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I believe that as Fluther is currently, so long as your opinion remains the same, it is fine to link to the comment you have already made. I’m not sure about copying and pasting it verbatim, and I would not do that personally, however I may highlight one or two sentences and paste those with the link to my big comment.

However, I believe there should be a better mechanism for finding questions that have been already asked, and to encourage one to continue the discussion in the thread that exists rather than start a repeat thread. A feature that checks to see if your question has been asked verbatim, even, would be a decent start. I believe that such a feature would promote an ongoing discussion in one place over time, which could combat some of the discussions where the same points are brought up and discussed time and time again. But that’s just my opinion.

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When I do copy & paste an entire answer, I always precede it with ‘My answer from a previous question’.

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I have repeated my response within a question. Sometimes I am just not ready to be shut out.

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I’ve done it, and I’ve even linked to (and given credit) if other people have already answered the question. It gets repetitive, but it also answers the question. Again.

What we need is a list of FAQs. Like, “Here is a link to all the Qs about abortion, here’s a link to all the Qs about homosexuality…”

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I don’t think so.

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@dynamicduo I agree. Sometimes the question you’re searching for is worded differently. It can make it hard to find the exact question.

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I don’t think so.

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I am my own copywright. No one better copy me!!
Now I don’t wanna see this same post down there vvvv

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It doesn’t seem like a problem to me. I’ve done it before and so have many here, it appears. By the way, @AstroChuck doesn’t think so.

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No. I don’t think so.

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