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Having problems with my USB drive...

Asked by Theotherkid (884points) October 22nd, 2008

I’m using Mac os x 10.5.4

Whenever I insert my USB drive, a warning comes up saying the disk cannot be recognized by this computer. It doesn’t work on PCs either. How can I fix this?

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Open disk utilities and format it as FAT32. That will make it readable on both Windows and Mac.

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Try using Mac OS X’s disk utilitys.

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install the driver ( it should be automatically installed )

reformat it

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Darn it b!

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How do I format it in the disk utility? I’ve been having problems with that also.

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What worked for me when a similar problem happened was I just restored it. Deleted all the content off the USB drive. Click on the drive. Then Erase. (In the Disk Utility)

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When I erase it It still refuses to open.

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Hmm.. I’m not sure what else to do. Sorry. Anyways aren’t 4 GB USB drives like 9 dollars?

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Try reformatting it in windows. Go to “My Computer” and right click whatever the name is then select “reformat.”

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ok I’ll give that a try.

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It didn’t work. It pops up with a message saying that the drive cannot be formatted.

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Sounds like your drive is ruined. USB flash drives are so cheap right now that many companies give away 1GB+ drives for free.

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You can also pick up a decent 16GB drive for about $40 now. Just remember that USB drives are just about as robust as floppies used to be. They use technology that tends to wear down after a certain amount of time. It’s just the nature of that particular beast.

They (you know, “they”) are trying to get USB jump/thumb/pen/whatever drives so that they have more longevity, but they are also attempting to make them larger. The trend for now is capacity so don’t depend on them gaining any longevity for the time being.

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I’ll get a new one. Thanks for helping!

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The drive is broken. Same thing happened to me. Most likely actual physical damage to the circuitry. This isn’t necessarily from it being dropped or anything, it could be from bad construction in the factory or from a rare power surge when it was plugged in to a USB drive.

Throw it out and buy a new one. They’re cheap!

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