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How will archaeologists view us in 10,000 years?

Asked by Judi (39819points) October 22nd, 2008

What will they think of us when the discover breast implants and artificial nails, when they see the image of a mouse revered throughout the planet, what else will the find interesting? What might they misinterpret?

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I don’t know what they’ll think, but I know what they’ll find – plastic. Our plastic trash will be here forever.

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Maybe they’ll think we were trying to protect the Earth by wrapping it in a giant plastic bubble.

They’ll laugh at our silly, archaic ways and then use their Vac-u-Rays to compress hundreds of years of disposed plastic by sucking it into a miniaturized, portable, fully-contained black hole.

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Probably as a bunch of remains. (sorry…couldn’t resist)

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Not sure, but I’m sure they’ll have a good laugh. Our clothes, our bodies…everything. I read somewhere future generations will have pointy heads…and not as many fingers. I’m picturing cloneheads…They’ll probably wonder how we survived as long as we did.

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They will probably experience the same feelings of kinship and wistfulness as we do, uncovering ancient cosmetics, stoves, murals, and latrines.

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They won’t


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@syz – a long time, maybe, but not forever. Chances are, a microbe that eats plastic will evolve within a few million years.

@windex – Yes, I’m sure that even though every other crackpot apocalypse theory has proved completely false, this one is dead on. The mayan calender, by the way, does not predict the apocalypse in 2012, but simply a “great change”.

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@Hobbes: yea…I Totally do NOT believe that at ALL…Seriously…

Ohhh what’s this

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Wait – you don’t believe me? Or you don’t believe the Mayan calender thing?

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@Hobbes: No, I agree (the world Will NOT end)

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They are prominently displayed in almost every home (at least in America), usually in a central room where humans gather around to stare in rapt awe for a comparatively long period of time every day.

They’ll probably think they are some sort of religious thing.

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