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Does anyone else have a problem with their IPOD shuffle holding a charge?

Asked by chyna (46144points) October 23rd, 2008

I charge my IPOD shuffle overnight, but it will only play for less than 2 hours. Does anyone know how to fix this issue without sending it back? It is about a year old. Also, my friend has same issue, but hers is brand new.

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I never had this issue with my shuffle, though I do know that it does not need to be charging all night, maybe that’s your problem right there. Maybe by over-charging it is losing battery life when it is not plugged in. This happened to my old laptop, I would just leave it plugged in when it was at home and now it lasts oooh 30 seconds without being plugged in before it dies. But then again your friend’s being brand new and having the same issue is a bit weird.

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This shouldn’t happen, go to your local apple reseller and trade it in for a new one.

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No, not at all.

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