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How can I become a better food chopper?

Asked by andrew (16380points) November 14th, 2006
I already have a very good knife, but I still feel clumsy and *slow*. It's my least favorite part of cooking. How does one practice chopping? I want to not have to think about it.
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this is what i learned: make sure you hold the knife with your thumb on one side of the handle and the rest of your fingers on the other side - don't rest any fingers on the edge of the knife - but if you push the edge of your index finger in towards the thumb-side of the knife - through the blade not on top of it - it gives you a lot more control over the knife, which will increase your speed, agility and efficiency
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anne is a pearl, btw. i went to the 'school da knife' in kansas -- dean and deluca of all places. what i know is that when choppin' and wanting to do so fast, one who utilizes her right hand to hold the knife, should hold the veggie or the like with her left and curve her fingers back towards the palm of her hand with her fingernail serving as a guide and protector for her primary digit. this, my friend, will ensure one can chop fast as hell, yes that is a scientific delineation, and not cut her finger. chop on, andrew, chop on.
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also, if you want to chop herbs, garlic or onions into tiny pieces, you can do your first set of cuts as described above, then put the heel of your left hand on the top of the blade to put pressure as you rock the knife back and forth. let the knife do the work, and for this you must have a decent knife (not serrated - those are for bread.)
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I would suggest at working at being slow and delierate. Focus on holding the knife comfortably and make each chop precise. Once you have become accostomed to the knife, then try speeding up. Try exhaling while chopping. Remember, practice make permanent.
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They also have these cool curved knives for chopping/mincing (not slicing). Where there are handles on both ends and you just quickly rock the knife back and forth while turning it. Watch a cooking show and I am sure you will see the technique done with a regular knife too.
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Just close your eyes and swing your arms faster. *note* if you take a few vicodin pills the problem of pain slowing you down will diminish. :-)
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First, surgically remove your right hand. Attach the tang of a high-quality Santoku or Chinese cleaver to the stump. I think you'll find much better control & power.
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following on chrismichael - with the left hand fingers curved in holding the veggie, the blade (you need a large blade for this) should always be up against the knuckles. this way you are not at risk of cutting yourself as you lift the blade up and down.
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well, i guess you can't press enter with this.

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