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Wireless Mighty Mouse?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2551points) October 26th, 2008

Just got one, any good tips I should know?

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when the scroll thingy stops working just wash it.

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I used to put mine upside down and roll the ball over some newspaper to clean the ball out. Then after about six months I threw it in a box and bought a better mouse for 20$ at Office Max. The Mighty Mouse is horrible.

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Keep AA batteries recharging.

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If you also use a bluetooth keyboard and try to use any other bluetooth device, there can be some interference. I’ve had the connection to my bluetooth speakers dropped when I try to use my Mighty mouse and bluetooth keyboard (which I can only assume was caused by the abundance of bluetooth connections.)

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I use the BT keyboard and mouse – no probs here.

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The Mighty Mouse by Apple is like a lotto. Half of the ones from the batch don’t work worth a crap, don’t bother asking Apple for help, they say “clean it, then replace the batteries” That is all they say. The other half of mice works perfectly. If your mouse starts to jump all around the screen randomly, two things to try:
1) Use the mouse on AS MANY surfaces as you can, if it works better on one surface then another, use that, and you should be good.
2) Try using the mouse far away from any other computer\cell phone\ ect… If it works then, you need to find what thing is causing the interference.
I have been working for months now to fix the problem in the shell that apple refuses to acknowledge, but I have very limited knowledge and very limited time.

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And here I thought Mighty Mouse could really fly…

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I’ve had mine for over a year & no problems yet!

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I love my wired mighty mouse! it rocks, but I have had nothing but problems with the wireless one.

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Get Steermouse for it. It will allow you to use everything on it the way you want to.


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I love the mouse but until I take it apart and clean the scroll ball, I won’t be able to use my scrollball again. For a while, cleaning it (furiously) did the trick, but I had to do that on about a weekly basis. After about a year and a half of ownership, the scroll ball quit working altogether, and no amount of cleaning has fixed it.

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a good tip I have come across is the ability to use it with only one battery in. it seems handy and I want one.

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I love my BT Mighty Mouse, SteerMouse TOP makes it much more powerful.

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