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Where can I find cheap tickets to D.C. for Thanksgiving?

Asked by TheNakedHippie (470points) October 28th, 2008

I’ve seen them for much cheaper than $400, and I’m getting desperate!!! Give me some advice or some different resources!!

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Where are you flying from? Which sites have you already tried?

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More details please?

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I’m flying from Tampa, FL, and I’ve tried Kayak, Expedia, Priceline, CheapoAir… lots of different sites.

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Oh! And I called Delta and landed on one of the most inhospitable people in this earth!

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Have you tried JetBlue?

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I just looked on Southwest and you could get one in the 250.00 or less range, depending on what times and dates you fly. You should log on and get the ticket immediately! Prices are only going to go up.

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Spirit Air has $114 tix, but they nickel and dime you for everything (including seat selection). Be warned.

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I just found $170 or so on Airtran Departing Tampa on Thanksgiving and coming into BWI leaving on the 30th.

I fly to both Tampa and DC regularly on Airtran. I prefer BWI to Reagan or Dulles.

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@Kevbo: 2 bad experiences with Spirit and do not recommend them. It’s been a few years, but I think I am still on their “do not allow to travel” list! Flights delayed over 7 hours. I had a mob at O’Hare and when we finally boarded a flight attendant came to me in my seat and said” One peep out of you and we will put this plane down and have the police escort you off”. Brutal.

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Thanks everyone! Unfortunately I’m still seeing $300+ for roundtrip flights… I’ll keep checking back though! ;]

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Try FareCast… I guess it was bought up by Microsoft but it’s a great tool that tries to predict when a price is ‘good’, it also searches airlines just like the other sites.

didn’t know your dates so couldn’t do a price check

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My fiancee ended up finding some under $200 after taxes (I forget where…), but I really appreciate all the tips!

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