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Should a terrorist warning effect your travel plans?

Asked by judyprays (1309points) November 26th, 2008

I’m taking a bus to MA tomorrow morning and there’s word of a vague terrorist threat running around via NY media and jewish parents. To what degree should I listen?

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I doubt its a big deal, especially on the bus.

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Not at all. Don’t worry about that nonsense. You’ll be fine.

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Terrorists don’t target buses in this country (except in the movie Traitor,
starring Don Cheadle, in which something like 50 buses were supposed to blow up all
at the same time) because it’s not enough drama to be worth it. Remember these guys
are theatre experts. Get on the bus. Have a good time.

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In a bus you will be as safe as a pudding on a table with people that are very full. You’ll be just fine. And if they do bother you just say you know me and their shore to stop :)

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@susanc: dont forget speed.

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Terrorist threats didn’t stop me from flying overseas. It shouldn’t stop you from riding a bus. You’ll be fine.

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Nice excuse to get away from crazy family members on Thanksgiving. :P

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Rumors of terrostic attacks happen on every major holiday. I think they laugh at us for getting nervous. The only thing you can do it carry on normally and don’t let them have the upper hand.

I flew on the first 4th of July after 911, and my friends thought I was nuts. The airline changed my ticket to first class because they had some empty seats up there, and I had a great flight.

Terrorists thrive on this type of paranoia.. don’t give them what they want. Go, and have fun!!

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Considering I’m from Hawaii I can’t let those things stop me. Besides hopefully I’ll be as strong as those on 9/11 and go down fighting.

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No I don’t think it should AFFECT your travel plans especially on a bus.

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Yes, you should definitely contact Homeland Security and have long conversations with them about your concern, travel plans, recommended body armor and weapons to take for self defense, how many ounces of fluids are allowed on the bus for security reasons, whether that includes saliva, if not if you can store extra toothpaste in your mouth, etc.

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Well… I don’t know guys…. I mean we are in a terror level Pantone Aqua Green Purple Red, with overtones of Donkey Fur Grey and Elephant trunk Pink, meaning at any moment your children could explode, sending flaming pieces of our country into your local chicken huts, sending the economy into a never ending downward spiral, ending all internets forever!
Or as the media has so told me…

In all truth, your safe. Not to mention, if you are on a bus and someone stabs the bus driver… jump out a window and run… “tuck and roll style.”

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I take the tact that if God wants you, staying home isn’t going to protect you from death.

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You should have it in mind, but don’t emphasize on it too much. Because then you’ll be living in fear of traveling and that’s no fun!

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What do I look like- a moron? I don’t believe in that crap! Anyone who believes they’re going to be a victim of some terrorism act like 9/11/2001 is a complete fool or thinks about themselves way more than they should. It was basically a one-time occurence in America and there is zero chance it will happen again. Especially since the government knew 9/11 was going to happen before it happened last time and ignored it. Obama won’t let that happen to us. So since he’s only got less than 2 months before he moves in, I don’t think anyone has anything to worry about.

Seriously, the delusional fears of people who would even ASK questions like this is one of the big reasons America’s been so screwed up this decade!!

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The attacks in Mumbai show terrorists have made the foreign tourists their target.
I dont think a terrorist warning will make me change my plans.

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Terrorist get their way if they succeed in terrorizing you. I refuse to give them their way.

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So do I. People surely cannot expect to have their way by killing and harming innocents. There ought to be solution to every problem in the world, without bloodshed and terror.

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Should it, I don’t know. Does it, nope. I figure if it’s my time to go, it’s my time to go. Can’t sit around and be afraid of everything in life. That’s my answer. ;-)

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