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What's your favorite story to tell.

Asked by hoosier_banana (829points) October 30th, 2008

I delivered a baby horse. I was alone, but didn’t have to do much at all. I was the first thing she saw, it was amazing.

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Being 11 years old and stuck in a GMC Jimmy in Guadalajara in October. Mom went to exchange some currency at a bank and got lost while my sister and I waited in the car. She told us to stay in the car and that she would be back. We stayed in the car and got cooked. She was so lost that she had to go to the Embassy to find someone to help find us.

Her ten minute trip took over 10 hours.

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My wife and I had just completed an insane three weeks in China adopting our daughter (medical issues, extreme heat; looong story).

So we check in at the airport in Hong Kong (to head back to the US) only to be told that my daughter’s boarding pass was invalid and there were no other seats available on this, “the last flight of the day”.

After a bit of back and forth, the ever so helpful manager suggested my wife and I get on the flight and they could ship “it” along to us later.

I snapped, reached accross the counter, and began dragging this guy over it only to be greeted by 4 security guards rifles being pointed at my head. First time I’ve ever laid a hand on anyone.

Thankfully, this very nice airport liason intervened. Four hours and $1000 later another flight to the US miraculously appeared.

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My favorite one, I mentioned on here before.
I wanted to order some chicken strips in a diner once, and accidentally asked for “strippin chicks” instead.
That’s a good’n.

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my days when I was feeling so lost, I got a lot of crazy memories that made my life interesting if I might say

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Ohhh I just remembered a good one.
Today a girl in my class had a senior picture with an archery bow thing, because she hunts. She was showing my teacher the picture, and the teacher said, “Oh wow, is that a bow?! Oh you look so strong and courageous just like Sarah Palin.”

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Here is one of my favorite stories and experiences from my military career:

I’ve been in the Air Force for over 12 years now and in 1998, I went to Silver Flag Alpha (desert warfare training school) in Indian Springs, Nevada. For those that don’t know that location, it is outside of Nellis Air Force Base and adjacent to the Nevada Test Site which happens to encompass a piece of real estate known as ‘Area 51’.

It was a 2 week school back then and the final 3 days were spent in a mock forward location out in the desert away from the base proper. It was also within an ‘unspecified’ but somewhat close distance to ‘Area 51’, also known as Dreamland or Groom Lake.

I was a squad leader with 3 team members and we were one of two mobile reserve teams on standby for emergency response situations. I believe it was around 8 or 9 o’clock at night and we were all clustered around our rally point laying down under a camouflage net (it is transparent) looking up at the stars. Mind you, this was out in the desert without light pollution with clear skies and good visibility.

What we all witnessed, and we still can’t say to this day what it might have been, was a bright object high in the atmosphere (or maybe low earth orbit?) moving directly over the top of our AO (area of operations) at a fast pace. This object came to a halt over our location, expanded out into a very large corona of light for several seconds, collapsed again to it’s original small form and continued on in the same direction it was orginally headed. We never saw anything like it again for the remainder of the time we were at Indian Springs. We asked our instructors the next day (they work at Indian Springs year around) if they could interpret what we might have seen and if they’ve seen strange things also in the night skies around Indian Springs. A couple of instructors said they had seen strange things but they wouldn’t elaborate on anything and seemed hesitant to talk about it at all.

None of us would agree to the sighting as a UFO but we all knew that you can see a satellite with the naked eye in low earth orbit if the conditions were right and where we were, the visibility was excellent. We ended up speculating that it might be some type of military satellite or even some military experiment but we never knew for sure. It was agreed that the objects behavior and the whole incident itself was completely bizarre and eerie to say the least. I’ll never forget that night or that experience.

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This isn’t my story, but the best “how I met my wife” story I have ever heard. It is from the pastor of our church, and it’s true:

Both he and his future wife were out on dates with other people. They were standing in a really crowded line for movie tickets, when he realized that his zipper was down. He hurried to zip himself up, and got the blouse of the gal standing in front of him (his future wife) stuck in the zipper. OMG, he tried to get it unstuck, but just couldn’t do it. Finally the two of them had to go to the manager’s office, where they had to cut her blouse to get it unstuck. Of course, he was so embarrassed, he made a date with her to buy her a new blouse. And so, they started dating and later married. We still call him the fly fisherman.

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I was given a dying dog for Christmas and as soon as he was let out of the cage I pet him for one second and he went under my grandmothers house and died. I was seven. My mom wanted me to believe in Santa so bad that on Christmas eve when I mentioned that I had secretly asked Santa for a dog she and my aunt had a family friend open up the shelter and it was dark and they grabbed what they thought was a puppy and then came and bathed it in freezing weather outside and put in in a shed. I guess it got distemper or something. Then they told me that Santa knew I loved animals so much that he wanted me to have the dog for his last day so the dog would be happy. Hah! It was a sad story for a couple years and then it just became really funny to us.

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@ hoosier_banana – That is cool!

@ BlueFreedom – That is amazing! I wonder if that happens to other soldiers in that shool?

@ Sdaggfacemutt – hehe. If I weren’t married I might have tried that as a pick up. Good one.

@ jessturtle – Sounds like a Christmas Story Moment.

I am glad I got here when I did. I loved all of these.

The best ones I have are twin related, telling off my brothers gym teacher and him having to do laps. Telling his workers they could go home in food service in college. By the way these were pay back moves.

Once in college I was walking home and a girl I never met came up and gave me a big kiss on the cheek and was hanging on my neck, grinding on me. I had no idea who she was, but she kept calling me by my brother’s name. I saw my brother coming so I figured they were meeting for a date so I just let her go. Finally my brother came up behind her and said “ok lets go” she turned around, then turned around, then turned around, then just stood there. I showed her my drivers license and told them to have a good time.

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The time my mom wouldn’t let my grandma off the seesaw and I got the worst of it.

The first time my son got out of the house on his own.

The time I was partying in the dessert and a cactus fell on me.

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Ha, that’s good, Bri! Your story reminds me of when I was a tweenie, and my older sister’s boyfriend called. I just picked up the phone and said “hello”, and he assumed I was her. So I played along for awhile, while he talked pillow talk and made a complete fool of himself. Then I said, “oh, did you want to take to Ardy?” Ha-ha. He was really pissed.

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Excellent move ScaggfaceMutt! hehe.

By the way. Do you realize how difficult it is to shorten your name without seriously insulting you??!!?!?!

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I’d go with Ska

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@Bri. Odds are, with as many people that have attended that school, some of them had probably seen something weird or unexplainable at some time or another. Just being that close to Area 51 makes it all very interesting in a way.

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I thought of another one. The time my daughter was experiencing the first colorful fall in her life at the age of 21. “So, the leaves. They change color and then…what?... fall off?” :^>

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The story people request the most is about how I raised a couple of calves for beef when I was a teenager. I’ve actually told it several times for audiences—one of which was a paying audience.

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@ bluefreedom. No doubt. I imagine. That would have been interesting to me.

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My favourite story to tell is not in fact my story, but when I told my family they had tears of laughter rolling down their cheeks. It is one of my teacher’s, about when he was a young boy in South Africa. Would I be allowed to share it on here without his permission, do you think? Maybe I should just PM whoever wants to know…

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Ooo, I wanna hear it, Shrub!

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