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What site do you use to see what a product is rated?

Asked by Bri_L (12219points) February 8th, 2009

I want to buy a new printer/scanner/copier/fax. I want to see what the various options are rated. What site do you go to in order to check this information?

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Yeah, they said the printer I want was shallow on film and at times transparent. They also said the plot lacked depth.

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For tech stuff I use newegg

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When I first read this question, I thought it was “What site do you use to see when a product is retarded?”
Sorry, I am random (had to say it.).

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(Snort!) My librarian mother also says that your local library might have a subscription to Consumer Reports, in which case you can look at their online archives for free.

TaoSan's avatar is also quite comprehensive and relatively unbiased.

I second too.

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@90s_kid You do know that Rotten Tomatoes don’t rate printers, scanners, copiers and fax machines, right? Read the question please.

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I buy a lot from the same sites so if I make a small purchase and the results are good I will go back again and again ie Lands End and Harry & David. The two sites that have excellent customer feedback are Amazon and QVC. I have even purchased things that don’t have the highest rating because the customer reviews are specific enough that what others don’t like may not matter to me for example a phone that has lots of functions when I just want clear sound and a good price.

Every once in a while when I am thinking “As seen on TV” I just google it and find out it isn’t worth the money. lol

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Well, I had earlier said “For Movies,” but then Edited it because I use it for much more. I read the details. But then answered the ‘question’ question.
Go ahead and remove it if it is so bothersome. it’s only 20 characters.

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I really like Amazon and for customer reviews, these reviews are the ones that help me decide whether to make the purchase or not. For more official and expert ratings, consumerreports has some good lists.

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@galileogirl I would be real cautious on what Amazon reviews of the products. They are NOT all accurate. I know from personal experience myself. Even the ‘description’ of products on Amazon aren’t all accurate.

So it is the old saying “Buyer Beware”!

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Thanks all!

I never thought to go to the sites that sell.


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I look to for reviews. I don’t think they have a printer section. But they cover most computer hardware.

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Comprehensive reviews from all over the world, averaged out. It’s like Metacritic for hardware and electronic equipment.

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I always go to for everything electronic. They have a large printer section but I have never used, as I have never actually researched the purchase of a printer.

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I second CNet and also Consumer Reports. Both great sites for almost everything.

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Whatever review you consider just make sure it’s not made by the manufacturer of the product. Many are quite tricky. In fact I usually avoid the first handful of listings in search for reviews of product since these are generally the paid advertisements for the product and are not real reviews. I wouldn’t discount negative reviews from competitors either.

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