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Have you ever watched a documentary or television program that had the following disclaimer?

Asked by Bluefreedom (22944points) October 31st, 2008

“The stunts and activities you are about to see are performed by trained professionals. Do not try any of this at home.”

Are you one of those people who just had to see if you could also perform these stunts and activities somehow and did so in complete disregard for common sense and your own safety?

Does anyone have any humorous or sobering stories perhaps, based on the above, and would like to share them here on Fluther?

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No, I value my brain cells and would rather not see them lying next to me on the pavement. I think I would find that rather distressing.

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All the people who tired it at home are now candidates for the Darwin Awards or their jaws are wired and typing fingers broken so they cannot tell their stories.

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My inspiration for asking this question stemmed from an article I read about how kids were trying to emulate what they had seen on the movie and television show called Jackass and ended up sustaining all different kinds of injuries.

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See, Bluefreedom? Clearing up the gene pool one idiot at a time. Also, the movie title was a clue . . .

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You would have to be pretty crazy to try almost any of these

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One time I tried one of these stupid stunts….landed so hard I put a huge crack in my ass.



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When I was about four years old, kid in the neighborhood dared me to lick an aluminum pole in the dead of winter. I stuck to it. My father, not realizing that the preferred method of separating a tongue from frozen metal was to pour water on it, had me pull my tongue loose. It left a strip of skin from my tongue attached to the pole, and me in a lot of bleeding pain.

The take-away was, that I recognize a stupid idea when I hear it and connect it with outcome pretty easily.

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@AlfredaPrufrock I know what it’s like to loose some taste buds in the painful way too, ha ha!!

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With all the skateboarder footage showing how they rarely land those rail stunts, why would anyone attempt ‘em anymore? Watching those falls make my shin bones hurt!

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No, I have never watched a documentary containing stunts.

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I’d like to use that disclaimer for the beginning of my biography, I think.

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