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Are you a member of a minority group?

Asked by juicyful (110points) August 19th, 2007

If so why?

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What is your definition of minority? I am a white male of Cajun decent.I married to a woman. I have 3 children, one is biological and the other two are are not biological they are adopted interacial children. I am an war veteran. I am a government employee with a part time job. I am not considered by the "legal terms" a minority, but how many people out there are just like me? Isn't everybody a minority?

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Thats my point - Personally i think we can all identify a particular minority group that we fit. Thank you for your responce.

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Does gay count as a minority group?

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You tell me - what do you think?

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There are so many ways in which I would be considered outside of societys' norms, I don't even think about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm no rebellious/anti-establishment rebel - I just finally reached a point in my life where I decided to live for myself rather than trying to live up to what others expected of me. I'm a much happier person since.

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In the city I live in, yes. Nationally, no.

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iPhone owner, Mac enthusiast, double minority?...aww, what's ur point with the ? Anyway...

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just interested as to what people thought of the word 'minority' and what it meant to them.

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iPhone owner and mac enthusiast - not really a minority on this site ;-)

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good point :)

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syz, being yourself, puts you in the minority, :)
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I’m black,educated, an apple user, and left handed ..I am so a minority of minorities,lol.

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As a gay man, I think I am. But if society would allow homosexuals to feel safe, accepted, and comfortable in being “out”, I think the gay minority would be a lot larger than it seems at the present

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