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Can women work for 'Tech Guys' at PC World?

Asked by juicyful (110points) August 19th, 2007

In the new PC world advert on television, a customer asks for assistance setting up her new PC, the store worker explains that the 'Tech Guys' can come to her home and set it up - the camera pans back to the 'Tech Guys' and they are all men! Is that becuase PC World only employs men to do a techincal job? How rude!

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oh, come on

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Thats how it looks in the advert!

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No they would be sued and be very rich

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Realize that most of the people on this site are in the USA, and there are anti-discrimination laws here that would prevent such a practice. I'm willing to bet that such laws exist in the UK, as well. But the fact is that the technology field is primarily made up of men, so the name and TV commercial are a reflection of that.

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U.S. Section 407848.11.b = Women by law may never work for "Tech Guys" and/or be sperm donors. Likewise men may not give birth or become Nurses.

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