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Experience using WordPress for a website?

Asked by pamfr (72points) November 2nd, 2008

Has anyone used WordPress to create and host a simple several-page website, as well as a blog?
What worked well? What challenges/limitations did you encounter?
And, if you have a superior solution for a simple-to-create, simple-to-change, SEO-friendly, blog-ready website, do tell.

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I’ve made dozens of websites with WordPress, both for static content, blogs, a blend of both and other things entirely (that involve heavy customization).

There are themes that are meant for either blog or static type content. The ones that blend these the best are often called “magazine” themes so googling ‘wordpress magazine themes’ might be a good start. Unless, of course, you’re designing something for yourself.

You can read up about WordPress as CMS instead of WordPress as blogging platform. Again, googling ‘wordpress cms’ is a good idea. There are tutorials that will point you to some good plugins which help along that approach.

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