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How do you avoid being picked off in madden 08?

Asked by oopslc89 (103points) November 2nd, 2008

i play with this mofo and he plays with the cowboys. that team is obviously stacked. most of his picks are by the computer, so does his team just being better make that much difference. i lead my receivers away from coverage, but his guys still get around and pick the pass it really is rediculous. we play on the all madden level.

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sounds like you just suck at the game..i would quit because the cowboys own everything in sight.

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Yeah sometimes the teams do seem kinda unfair in terms of how much the supposed skill of a team factors into playing the game but I guess that kinda makes sense in terms of football

I would say try to run more screen routes or passing plays where you send the tight end or wide receiver on an in-route towards the center of the field and pass to him as soon as he makes his cut.

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yea the cowboys own everything except real life you mofo

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