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Ideas for paint color in bathroom?

Asked by Jill_E (885points) August 19th, 2007

We've got light blue, tan, green, red in other bedrooms/bath. We are stuck on what to paint on the other bathroom. We've thought of navy blue (it might make the bathroom look small with dark paint) or grey? Any other ideas?

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My friend just got his bathroom done. His bathroom is based on a bay. He painted it light blue and painted a opened window on the the back side of the room. He also painted little sailing boats on the walls.

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I am always pro richer colors for bathroms. My parents house has a very small bathrom that they always painted a light color to make it look bigger. Then one year we all reaslized that these light colors weren't fooling anyone, and we might as well just go with the smallness of the room. A darker color contrasted with lighter trip or toilet/sink/shower makes a bathroom actually look like sort of like a jewel, although yes, it own't look bigger then it is, from my persepctive thats not super important. Use a deep dark blue on the walls or a rich'll give the bathroom a bit of luxury.

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Out of curiosity, is there any reason why you can't use a color that you've already used in the other bathrooms, especially if they're not very close to each other (e.g., on different floors)?

Also, is this bathroom linked to a bedroom? If yes, it might help to use a bathroom color that complements the bedroom color scheme.

Unless you've got a large, airy bathroom, I'd advise against dark colors (like navy blue or dark brown). From experience, it feels oppressive in a small bathroom, although with the correct lighting it can still work.

Having said all that, yellow might be an option since you don't appear to have used anything like it. You can use dark colored accents (paint borders, stripes, or dark-colored bathroom fixtures) to add contrast and make the bathroom more interesting.

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behr Lion's Mane is an awesome gold color used in my very small office and felt luxe without feeling oppressive.

Remember most 'rest-rooms' are better served with colors that soothe vs. Excite. My restroom doubles as a library (I'm probably not alone on this one).

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mdy..this bathroom is linked to a master bedroom, its a shade of blue. (the color is very similar to your picture icon) Behr paint at Home Depot.its the best paint..we used that for the other rooms. Will check out the color Lion's Mane next time at Home Depot.

Thank you for all of the ideas.

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Many of my customers have themes in their bathrooms…if football? colors match shower curtain…baseball? seen n.y.yankees stripes in blue with white walls,matching curtain and towels. some have been done roman style, covered in marble…the one thing most people forget is to use a paint that is mold and mildew resistant…It will cause streaking and marks over time…What ever you do just do not paint over wall paper…It causes more problems that it is worth…

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We did our powder room in MAB’s sesame color (an orange/brown tone) with cream/yellow trim. It looks very sophisticated – we get more compliments on that room than any other!

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According to me, you should paint your bathroom with light colour that really makes your bathroom more bigger and attractive. You can also add some beautiful bathroom accessories in order to give it an impressive look.

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