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Did you ever run away from home?

Asked by shadling21 (6501points) November 5th, 2008

Where did you go? Why?

Once, when I was really young, I packed a small pink backpack with a few “important” items and threatened to leave. Never went through with it… How about you?

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I left home once and made it as far as the end of the block before I came back home about 30 minutes later. I was quite young when I did this and it was all prompted by me being angry at my parents for them punishing me for something.

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Once when I was 5. I got all the way to the end of the block, but I had to go back because I needed to pee, lol.

And another time when I was 13, I was gone for 2 days…...
I just don’t think I’m very good at running away.

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When I was about seven or eight years old, I packed a suitcase, climbed out the bathroom window and “ran away” to my sister’s house. She lived about a mile and a half down the road. I refused to go back home and she wouldn’t let me stay. My parents had to drive down to get me. My father had to actually pick me up, carry me to the car and force me into the back seat. I also had to be dragged out of the car and back into the house.

Edit: I didn’t answer the “why?” part. It was nearly Easter and I was informed that I would be wearing a dress on Easter Sunday.

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No. It did cross my raging-hormone, teenaged mind a few times. However, I used to sneak out at night all the time. Does that count?

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Nah, i didn’t have those crazy thoughts, lol. I got along great with my family.

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I love you, MacBean.

I ran out of the house once, not away. I had to hide in the neighborhood from the po po’s. I ended up chilling in a creek.

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haha! one time,when i was about 7. actually it was from my grandmothers house. a neighbor friend and i packed bags and raided my granny’s costume jewelry box and disappeared for about an hour wearing her fur shawls and gaudy sixty accessories. buuut we got bored and came back. no even noticed we were gone! lol. so much for that idea.

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Second time, I never looked back. I was 16.

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I threatened to from time to time as a young child. My mother always offered to drive me to the bus station. By the time I seriously could have run away, she did not care what I did. I just made it a point to never be home except to sleep.

@Spargett: Did you ever reconnect with your parents, or at least let them know you are alive? I ask because a dear friend of mine ran away at 16, and none of us ever heard from him again. I still worry about him, 25 years later!

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Decided to live in my tree house when I was like 7. But one can of coke and three biscuits didn’t last very long…

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I did, once. It was pretty funny looking back on the incident.

I was angry with my Mother, she seemed to be favoring my sister and I had enough. (rotten child syndrome!) I went in my room, packed my important things – piggy bank, monopoly game (it was my sister’s favorite), my pillow and a change of underwear. I guess I was scared and thought I might wet my pants! :)

I announced that I was leaving and no one should try to find me. I walked out, went down the road to the park. After crying for a little while, I went back home and tried to get inside. Mom had locked the doors. I tried to crawl through the doggy door, yep, she blocked that, too.

I had to apologize for being rotten and return the game to my sister and I’m still paying for this….it comes up just about every year in some big family dinner. I laugh at it, now. It took a few years, though.

My daughter tried the same, because in my house, I have rules, in her dad’s house, no rules. She was 6, and said she was leaving. I got her a suitcase out, but told her she could only pack the stuff that I had not paid for. She put one pack of stickers in the suitcase and started to walk out. She made it to the kitchen and turned around and gave me a hug.

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Yep, but I didn’t go that far, I forgot my wallet so I had to go back home…
I was just tired of the same thing and kind of scared of my future (out of hs, no money and no means to go to college, dad was away, what would you expect a kid would do)

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I was going to run away once. I wrote a note and stuck it to my wall. Then I started backing a bag with toys but started playing with them. An hour later my mom came in and saw the note. We both laughed at me.

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I remember running away once to the little room under our stairs. Since I never actually made it out of the house, I think it is safe to say that i didn’t quite get the concept.

I’m cracking up at the thought of your daughter filling the suitcase with one pack of stickers, cak

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I never did, although I threatened to once or twice.

However, my littlest sister has a best friend who told a really cute and funny story about running away. You have to see this girl to get the full effect, but she is about 4’9” (at 13 years old) and is just the cutest little munchkin.

When she was really young, she told her mom angrily that she was leaving. She said “And don’t worry if you hear something later…it’ll just be me coming back for some Sunny D and crackers!!”

I laughed so hard when she told me that…

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@fireside, it was pretty funny. I had to work really hard to keep a straight face.

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Yes, I was about 6 or 7. I packed two pair of underwear, my bedtime book, and my stuffed monkey and went to the corner. I wasn’t allowed to cross the street so I just stayed there, then my mom came to get me.

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Awww some of these stories are so cute. In some, though, you can see that the desire to run away was more deep and displacing…

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I was a habitual runaway. My Dad finally bought me a car with a big trunk. 18 and went away, never to return. I am so glad I did. It was a safe time to be alive, I learned and experienced sooo much.. I met alot of people, including the Grateful Dead, ahhh, the 60’s and 70’s nothing like them. It was a time to let your freak flag fly,

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