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My 2 year old toddler has been vomiting only at night?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) November 6th, 2008

he had his poop analyzed, the doctor told me it was nothing wrong with it, i took him to ER on sunday, they told me he wasn’t dehydrated, he eats a little bit during the day (he has never been a good eater) and he does not vomit during the day, only at night, no fever, no anything else… im kinda confused…

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Ummm. If you think we can diagnose your child better than a doctor that has seen your child in person you are mistaken. Keep pressure on your doctor.

Maybe shilolo can help. But don’t trust what what people here say. Google doesn’t make someone a doctor.

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Of course its not that i trust more here, its just that i wanted to see if someone ever had the same problem.

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I pretty much agree w/ JP> I think you are spitting in the wind posting your query here.
There are waaaaaay too many unknowns for someone to be able to give you any reliable suggestions.

I wish you and your child all the best.

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I agree that a doctor’s advice is needed.
From my own experience, one of my sons vomited at night a lot at that age and it was found that when he slept he had obstruction in his breathing and, especially if he ate right before sleep, he would vomit.
But, I would imagine there are many reasons why a child might have these symptoms so it is best to talk to your doctor.

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Check this out. Found this in a google search

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I hope you are able to access a doctor and not just the ER, which I’m guessing is not really set up to look at a child who is not in a real emergency.

This sounds like a situation that requires some diagnosis, and that means a careful look at the child.

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Wow, Snoopy, your link leads me to think that this is a fairly common occurrence.

In our family, the kids had what we called “an acid stomach” (apparently the proper term is G.E.R.D.). If they went to bed without eating something, they threw up later. Is he throwing up food or just bile?

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I agree with all those who say the child needs to be seen by a doctor. He needs a complete evaluation. My first thought was along the lines of what Snoopy and Syz said, and if it is GERD, there are treatments and he will feel much, much better.

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he throws up the milk he drinks during the night, but he drinks milk, food (not much tho) yoghurts during the day and he does not vomit that.. And thank you so much Snoopy, the link was very good..

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Syz yes….I thought the same thing….apparently there is alot of nocturnal toddler barfing….yikes!

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My friend is having this same problem with her kid because he has a bit of a cold with some throat drainage and when he lays down it drains down his throat and gags him. he has been throwing up every night.

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Yes, uneducated guess (I have 4 boys) is either soem obstruction or pediatric acid reflux, but go see a pediatric GI Gastrointerologist (sp?) they can do wonders! If you live in No. Ca. there is a great one on J street (cannot remember the name right now tho….) Good luck!

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I tend to agree with what everyone has said above. Go see a regular pediatrician for a thorough history and diagnosis. The nighttime vomiting is most likely due to acid reflux (that is, acid from his stomach leaks into his esophagus (his eating tube)). It doesn’t happen during the day because he is upright, and gravity prevents too much reflux. But, at night, when he is lying down, the acid can leak, leading to irritation and vomiting. This may also explain his poor eating habits during the day. There are easy remedies for this problem, but only a pediatrician can help you with them.

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Keep checking with the doctor and make sure they do all tests possible. Don’t take no for an answer. In the mean time don’t give him milk at night. Milk is hard to digest and it could be sitting on his stomach especially when he is only doing this at night.

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make sure to keep following up with doctors!!! My 2 year old (now 5 1/2) regularly vomited. We had an excellent doctor who did an MRI and discovered a brain tumor that was causing the vomiting.

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to the mother that has a child throwing up only at night… i was just watching a show on a little girl who only threw up at night. The show is called “mystery Diagnosis” On Discovery Health..Not to frighten you but its something you should try to see on the tv show. Go to the website

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