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What could be the reason why I feel nauseated after I eat?

Asked by tinyfaery (42156points) April 21st, 2009

About 85% the meals I eat end up making me feel nauseated after I am done. I don’t over eat. The meals I have noticed that do not make me ill are basic things like eggs or oatmeal, but everything else makes me feel like vomiting up to a few hourse after I have eaten.

Yes, I could go to my doctor, but she is a total bitch and I need a new doc, which I don’t really have the time to do.

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Are you pg?

It may be what you are eating.

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it might be that your stomach can’t handle the spices or tastes of certain things. or maybe you’re allergic to something in your food, such as wheat, or dairy. i would reccommend you go to a doctor, even if she’s a ‘bitch”, she can’t stop you from getting help.

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Bad cooking?

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Are you eating too fast, maybe? That’ll trip me up sometimes.

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Are you getting enough sleep or PMS-ing? My stomach is really sensitive when I’m tired for weeks on end, and before my period.

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I used to get a thing where the lining of my stomach would become inflamed and for a few days prior to it food would make me nauseated a few hours after eating. Then three days later I basically would stop digesting, three days after that everything came up. So if that happens… it will suck. :P

I doubt it will though, but for the first few months before anyone knew what the issue was and before the vomiting started, I felt the way you described.

I assume it’s a stomach issue and you should get it checked out, new doctor or not.
I hope everything is okay and you get it sorted out.

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This was happening to me. Almost exactly. All I could eat was mashed potatoes and other “basics.” They didn’t exactly pinpoint what it was, possibly an infection of my stomach lining. I got prescribe Prilosec and it seems to be working!
Also, maybe it’s GERD?
If you can get a new doctor, get some blood work done, make sure it’s not an ulcer, too.

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maybe a food allergy?

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Maybe the beginnings of the stomach flu?

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If you are too busy to go to a doctor and find out what is wrong, at least make sure your burial insurance is up to date.

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It might be your Gall bladder. Google it and see if you have any other symptoms that might go along with it.

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Eggs and Oatmeal aren’t acidic foods. What foods do you eat that make you sick?

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Do most of your meals have dairy in them? When I was just starting to become lactose-intolerant, before it started actually making me sick, I felt nauseous after any meal I ate that had milk or cream in it. Even if it’s not specifically the milk, it could be an intolerance or allergy to something else you’re eating – is there something that’s common to all of the meals that make you feel bad?

Another possibility (although, not a fun one) is gluten intolerance – if you’re gluten intolerant, the gluten basically irritates your digestive system to the point that it has trouble digesting random other things that you eat. If there’s no rhyme or reason to which things are bothering you, that could be it. If you stop eating wheat for a week and you stop feeling sick, you’ll know you’ve found the problem…

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When I had my stomach issues I also considered a wheat allergy as @sdeutsch suggested. I nixed the idea as my reactions came on very suddenly and I believe a gluten intolerance would be a bit more gradual. So also take that into account, @tinyfaery, how quickly did the symptoms arise?

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i think she’d have some ‘plaining to do to her wife, if she were pregnant

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@aviona Have you been tested for celiac disease? That’s also a reaction to wheat, but the symptoms are much more sudden than with gluten intolerance. I can eat small amounts of wheat and I just feel sick for a few days afterwards, but some celiacs have huge reactions very soon after eating even the smallest amount of gluten…

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Hm, no, interested @sdeutsch. I’ll look it up. The Prilosec seemed to help my issues…

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@aviona If the Prilosec helped, then it’s likely not Celiac disease. There’s really nothing to be done about it if you’re a Celiac – you just have to avoid anything with gluten in it, and the symptoms go away.

I’m glad you’ve found something that works for your problems – I wouldn’t wish a gluten-free diet on anyone. I miss my bread!

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@sdeutsch gluten free is rough :(

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@Kelly27 That’s what I was thinking, too. Sound’s like a gall bladder or pancreas problem to me. tinyfaery, find a new doctor. IF you vomit, GO TO THE ER!!! This is a sign you need either your gall bladder out, or are having appendicitis.

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@casheroo Fortunately, it gets easier as you go – and the gluten-free bakery around the corner from my house makes it a million times better!

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Feeling any better?

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I would find a new doctor if I were you. Make the time to see a professional. Go to the ER if you don’t like your doctor and you have insurance that will cover it. Being nauseous after every meal when you don’t over eat, don’t eat foods your allergic to or don’t eat improperly prepared foods, etc., is a sign something is not right.

If this is accompanied with pain, irregular bowel movements and or blood in the stool, I would go to the ER immediately.

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It could be a pre-ulcerous condition. My daughter had this when her dad and I divorced . She would eat and then agonize. It lasted a couple of months then went away. She got an upper GI and the doc said, “you sure are RAW down there.” He never said she had ulcers.
My other daughter would get a stomach ache when her dad yelled at her. I got a bad stomach ache Only when going to a restaurant with my dad when I was about twelve. So I tend to think of it as an emotional thing. But all the posts are good. Hope it goes away! SORRY; I THOUGHT YOU HAD SAID PAIN.

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