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Why does my tattoo do this?

Asked by krose1223 (3254points) November 6th, 2008

I have had it over a year and every now and then it starts to itch HORRIBLY! If I so much as tap it the itching only gets worse. Sometimes it gets swollen too. I’m pretty sure the swelling is just the outline of it. I have gone to a few different artists to get their opinions and they all said it was probably still healing… That made sense but it still does it after a year!! When I asked if I could be alergic they said it is very unlikely, but more common with red ink. (My tattoo has red ink.) It’s not the red part that itches though! Could it STILL be healing? (It’s a pretty big tattoo…)I have another small tattoo that is all black and mostly outline, and I’ve never had problems with it.

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Could be infected

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Hmmm… probably not. I had my doctor look at it too… I’ve had a million people look at it but no one has ever experienced it! It’s not a constant thing, I’ve noticed hot showers induce it. I forgot to add that up there ^

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I have the same thing happen to my tattoo. It occasionally get really itchy and the lined raise up off my skin. Some of my tattoos are 10 years old. This seems to happen most when I am outdoors and it rubs up against a plant or roll around in the grass. I don’t have the issue with hot showers as far as I can tell.
No tattoo artist has been able to come up with a good explanation. I just think it is a spot that is extra sensitive to allergic reactions.
What kind of soaps and shampoos do you use? Try using some very gentle organic, and hypo allergenic varieties. That might help.
It does not sound like an infection, unless you skin is red and warm too.

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@b- thank you for knowing what I’m talking about! I have talked to so many people that have tattoos and none of them can relate. :) Yeah I think the outside thing applies for me also. I use aveeno lotion, that’s pretty natural isn’t it? I could be wrong. I can’t remember my soap or anything. Have you found anything to cure the itchies?

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Yeah, it happens to my really old one. I can feel the whole thing get raised and it usually happens when I’m out in the sun.

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The cause of this is most often changes in weather. Don’t worry… if it’s not red, ridiculously swollen, bumpy rather than raised, or painful, the weather is most likely the culprit.

There could be other causes, but for me at least, it’s almost always the weather.

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This one time I spilled movie popcorn butter topping on my month old tattoo and it got swollen, irritated and itchy for like 5 minutes…

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When I got the big one on my back, I tried to sleep on my stomach, but I would roll over in the night. It leached into my sheet and pillowcase, leaving two perfect imprints on them…it itched a little bit while it was scabbing, but now I never notice it.

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Have you tried taking a Benadryl when you are suffering? If so, did this alleviate your symptoms?

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Mine do the same from time to time, I was told that it has something to do with the changes in barometric pressure or atmospheric pressure (same) true or not I dont know.

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Mine does this all the time too! It’s almost two years old and it just randomly starts itching like crazy. I used St. Ives Ultra Healing lotion on it (it’s unscented) and it calms it down. I have no idea what starts it cause it doesn’t seem like it only happens when I have been outside or anything like that. If you come up with anymore answers, please pass them on!

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I also have numerous tats. All colors. Only my large piece does what you describe to the tee. I can’t say I believe the color theory because my other ones with the same colors don’t do this. I have been told this, the artist went too deep and raised my scar tissue , ? Don’t really know ! The lotion eucerin calming itch relief works great. Go to rite aid. About $9. I just hope this don’t last forever.

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