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So what's the deal with the iPhone?

Asked by adri027 (1415points) November 6th, 2008 from iPhone

Lets talk iPhone shall we?..I need to find some good mobile websites, good free apps and I’d like to know why we can’t copy and paste, forward texts that were sent to us, zoom in on the camera and how come it has no video? So high tech yet so many flaws

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Wow. Haven’t seen one of these since before the election hype. One day after and they’re back.

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yeah well I’m new to this fluther thing…but thank you.

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Sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude or anything.

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The iPhone is an amazing device. Even though it doesn’t have these minor features you’re referring to it is still probably the best smartphone out there so far. Safari would have to the the best mobile browser. The wep pages look exactly like how it would on your computer. Other smartphones have trouble with this and have a tendency to end up showing the web page incorrectly or squished. Have you heard of the App Store? Thousands of features can be downloaded straight from your phone such as games like Super Monkey Ball or Spore, or maybe even Movie Show Times and a Starbucks locator. You name it! Almost every thing you can think of is in there. Even though it might lack of things like flash or copy and paste it has hundreds (litterally) or other features other smart phones are missing and I am positive that those missing iPhone features are on its way. You should really look into it.

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The deal with the iPhone is it’s pretty cool.

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Especially after you jailbrake it and then download all the function you just described. Remember Apple wants to change the way people use things, but people don’t change, clearly, so if you want the iPhone to be good, you need to hack it. They did it to themselves. The sad truth is most of my apple friends endorse jailbraking the phone, unofficially.

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Well how do I jailbreak it? Is it hard?

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I really don’t recommend jailbreaking. I think the App Store is enough. First of all it voids your generous 1 year warranty. You could brick it (ruin it so it’s useless) and make it laggy and buggy. Jailbreaking isn’t as hard as it used to be but I don’t recommend it.

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ii totally recommend jailbreaking. it made my phone so much better and its much safer than when it came out. now you can unbrick it and the buggyness is the same as without it since its the same firmware that apple uses with just a couple small tweaks. the app store was a nice addition but theres still plenty of things you cant get there. like camera zoom, video recording, file sharing apps, etc. actually my favorite app is pdanet right now. it will let you use your 3g data plan to power your laptop’s internet. its great at work since out internet is so slow.

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I have the 3g one…so where can I find a good jailbreak to it? If I was to have a problem with the jailbroken phone would I still be able to take it to apple?

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If Apple finds it jailbroken they won’t do anything.

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actually apple still honors the warranty AS LONG AS the act of jailbreaking the phone was not the cause of the malfunction. For example if you jailbreak then your headphone jack stops working, you take it to an Apple store and they find that an app from Cydia turned it off, they won’t do anything, however if the port stops working because it was defective from the store, then they fix it.
If you want to jailbreak, I suggest QuickPwn, if you google that, the first site that pops up is a good place to start looking for the app to do it. It is really, really easy, it takes about ten minuets and all you have to do is press some buttons when the program beeps at you.
One word of warning, once you jailbreak, you won’t be able to use iTunes to update when it tells you too, you have to wait till QuickPwn updates their hack.
THe reason: Long story short, you are installing a different operating system on your phone, if you update through iTunes, it installs the apple OS (operating system) not the hacked one.
let me know if you need help.

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