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What is the meaning of life?

Asked by jividenm (168points) November 7th, 2008

get technical

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Ha, oops didn’t mean to send that yet. I think each person has their own meaning. For me it is to make a difference and do good. Be happy and spread the joy. Life is beautiful and I think too many people waste it wallowing in the dulldrums. We are here to live. I don’t think I am here to prove myself to anyone or any God. I think the Supreme Being whatever he, she, or it may be just wanted to give us life so we could feel happiness and experience living.

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Dirty sex.

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Dirty reproduction.

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dirty wild reproduction.

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deffinitely none of the mentioned above.

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Sinful, kinky, wild, monkey love!

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no still you’re far from it.

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You have your meaning and I’ll have mine.

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so whatever anyone says is true it is? Now that’s why we went for those WMD’s ok!

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Joy and Suffering.

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Sinful, kinky, wild, monkey love!

…Sounds about right.

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Can’t believe no one has said 47 yet.

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@jividenm: Educate yourself. You will not be disappointed. Or don’t read the link at the bottom, buy the book, and thank me later. :)

Copy / Paste that, Fluther breaks those kind of links.

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