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How do you "downgrade" from Windows Vista to Windows XP?

Asked by Hawaiiguy (316points) August 21st, 2007 from iPhone

my friend bought a computer with vista preinstalled, can she install xp ( no dualboot) instead of vista. It will cost her about 1500 to purchase new apps to run on vista. She is not computer savvy...

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Yes, she can. Just start the installation of Windows XP, and format the hard drive when asked to make partitions, or just select the partition with Vista and choose yes when asked to overwrite current Windows installation.

After the XP install, look for drivers for your computer on your manufacturer's website, which work with XP.

you can also stay with Vista and try it. Nearly all my programs work with Vista...

If you need any 'clearification', ask me.

HTH, Davey.

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yes you can but before installing XP, make sure that the specific computer has drivers for XP. for example a friend of mine got a new vaio - removed vista for xp - only to find out that sony didnt have any xp wireless drivers for that specific model

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Watch the driver issue, particularly with laptops -- my corp. was shopping new laptops and avoided the viao's for exactly that reason.

The office is currently running Acad'06, which does NOT run on Vista, and at that point wasn't worth the $10k in upgrades just to buy a laptop.

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thanks, I recommended
she return it and buy an xp system, I remember the driver issue from years ago can't believe windows is still so fragmented, long live OSX:)

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