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why is chewing on tin foil so painful?

Asked by parajohn80 (4points) August 21st, 2007 from iPhone

what makes it so unbearable?

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I imagine it has to do with silvered fillings. I think the foil and the fillings react in an electrical manner and thus cause pain. I have the same thing happen to me, thus I have shunned all my tin chewing efforts.

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I think its also a texture issue, it feels really foreign and disturbing

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i've heard the same thing about silver fillings.. just to add some credit to that answer..

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Sorry, click on the "fingernails on the blackboard" category, there is a great explanation of icky tinfoil pain.

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It's a reaction to the metal on metal with your silver/amalgam fillings which contain nickel.
Same thing can happen if you hit your metal spoon on a gold crown/or cap, on one of your teeth. Painful.

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Because, in general, you’re chewing on metal (It’s made of aluminum). So, as any metal, It tears the tissue…

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because you’re chewing on metal

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