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How can I use Put in Dreamweaver consistently?

Asked by lmurphy2 (1points) November 9th, 2008

What is going wrong for me in dreamweaver? Sometimes I can Put my files successfully to the servers, and other times it gives me an error message. I close out of Dreamweaver, reload, Put and it often then works. My friend suggests that the Put function in DW is ‘broken’ and says to use another FTP program. I’d like to stick with DW if possible. Do other users have this problem? Is it me or is it DW or my server or…?

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The “put” protocol is a holdover from a more innocent time. It’s got security issues associated with it, and so a lot of hosts simply turn it off rather than working through the issues necessary to support it.

If it works on some servers but not others, there’s your explanation. If it sometimes works on a particular server and sometimes doesn’t work on the same server, you need to contact the server administrators to find out what’s up.

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