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What is the best free FTP program for Apple MACs?

Asked by delta77 (196points) July 12th, 2009

need an FTP program to access my website’s files

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cyberduck is a pretty good one

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You can type “ftp” in a terminal.

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FileZilla is what I use, not sure if it works with Mac though.

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CyberDuck is good. Transmit is the king. But it is shareware. However, having used both, CyberDuck is good, but Transmit is better in quite a few ways.

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Transmit is the best. Go for Transmit.

Rbrowser is second IMO. doesnt look the prettiest but works perfectly well.

then Cyberduck. (im not a fan if Cyberduck at all). only use if its all that is available on some particular machine.

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I use Cyberduck and also use ftp from the code editors I use. Textwrangler and jedit both will open files and allow editing via ftp.

As others have said Transmit is truly awesome and if you do a fair amount of file transfer then probably well worth the cost. Dreamweaver also van ftp files… and cost even more.

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Do you use Coda or Espresso for your coding? I believe both have built in FTP programs. Or at least Coda.

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@dverhey I know Coda does, not 100% sure about Espresso but i think its safe to say it does.

Dreamweaver does too but Dreamweaver is barf

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I vote cyberduck. good history.

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Transmit is better but it isn’t free. The same guys that make Transmit make Coda. So they pretty much pushed Transmit into Coda.

If you are willing to pay I would go with Transmit. But Cyberduck works well.

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What dverhey and ryanpowell said.

For some reason I limited myself to “free”

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Go go Cyberduck. Quack Quack!

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@dverhey @wenn I have found Transmit to be an honest waste compared to the plethora of FTP applications out there in the wild.

For much less, about 11 dollars less than Transmit, you can get Forklift, which has an amazing interface that is just so compliant with Leopard, and it offers the same idea that Transmit offers, the two pane window. It’s a pretty heavy app though, it has a feature I never quite understood why they would integrate, an application deleter, much like AppZapper and AppCleaner and the like. It still gives you information that no other FTP app will give you easy access too.
i have not used Forklift as a primary FTP client, but have gazed around it and used it sparingly, I recommend it to try

Number 2, Cyberduck like @Bri_L @ryanpowell and @digitaljesus pointed it. It is what I use primarily, its a great app and offers some pretty advances features for a free app, its also open source and is constantly in development and being updated. I love how it transfers files to and from your computer using some kind transfer manager. One thing I don’t like about it though, and AFAIK and seen, don’t quote me on this, is the list view, I was never a fan of list view, I like to see icons, I guess I point this out in Cyberduck because it has somewhat of a finder like window, works a lot like it. It has quicklook for example (ForkLift has quicklook too, but the feel is still slightly different.) Though the app is filled with tons of preferences its almost overwhelming, it should be number one on the list of your FTP apps to try.

This FTP app Flow is quite unknown I see almost no reviews on it, no one barely talks about it, but it has the best UI IMO. Its the most up to Leopard standards I would say out of all these apps. Its also, I would say, the fastest, in two ways, the application itself takes advantage of Core Image so its full of eye candy, and its also, IMO, the fastest as far as communicating with your server, folders open instantly, I do not use it myself, its almost too good to be true, but I do have it on my HD because its just a work of art, there is no doubt about it.

Another App is Fetch
All I have to say about it, is that its the app I used before switching to Cyberduck prime time, boo hoo about it, is that is costs money, for things that freeware, freeware like Cybderduck, can do, and better. and is almost featureless compared to other clients these days.

@dverhey Coda and Espresso both have built in FTP apps, have both apps, though I have not really used them, they look really nice. Judging by the rest of the software, and by judging the Espresso FTP login interface, it looks amazing. Here is a screenshot from Espresso: looks pretty plain.
Here on Coda’s page clicking through “Sites” “Files” & “Editor” will give you screenshots of the built in FTP, again, never used it, but looks cool, editing files on the server looks super simple (May I add Cyberduck does too, not sure about Forklift and Flow, but I am sure they do as well).

Here are reviews of FTP apps, this is one of my favorite sites, AppStorm.

Forklift Review

I didn’t mention ExpanDrive as it doesn’t suit me, but it most definitely would suit others, builts FTP into finder (for a price though – a price thats not needed that is :(), ExpandDrive Review

Espresso Review

Coda Review
off topic but to the Coda user, I must recommend reading this 20 Excellent Coda Tips

Here is 10 Mac FTP Apps contains a few i didn’t mention like filezilla (horrible interface @J0E mentioned it), Captain FTP (never used, but looks like it runs on java, boooo) and also NetFinder, looks nice, but the interface looks a mess. Yummy FTP is the same deal as NetFinder, looks nice, but really cluttered

Interarchy 9 haven’t used this one much, but the interface looks promising, have it sitting on my HD.

Holy fuck im exhausted from typing, hope this made sense to any of you :)

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Crap can’t edit my previous post, but in the 10 Mac FTP Apps link it says its $44 for a Forklift license, $24 if your a student, their store says $20 so don’t quote me, if you like it, better buy it now.

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@bluedoggiant – Forklift is also a frequent participant in bundle apps. Were you can get 10 apps for $50. If even 2 of the apps are worth it then the money is saved.

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Yea Macheist 3 included it. I wonder if/when MacHeist 4 will be coming, never purchased the bundles (nor MUPromo ones), but look forward to doing so.

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I have the last few. if even 3 of the apps work out and they are worth $50 your golden

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I first used Filezilla because I came from a PC world.. very soon I learned mac had nicer apps, used cyberduck for a while and now I think I found my ultimate:


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@martijn86 URG lol what makes you like transmit soo much? I must know :/

For example, compared to Forklift which seems to be heading in Transmit’s direction, what advantage does it have?

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@bluedoggiant Well Forklift looks very nice but it requires 10.5 and I’m running 10.4. So honestly that why comparing the two isn’t relevant for me. After reading about Forklift I must say it is everything Transmit is but faster and with a nicer interface.

The reason I like Transmit is the ability to open tabs with different servers, running webfolders, adding remote favorites, and the overall workflow. Filezilla was too bloated (un-mac) and in cyberduck I missed the two folder browsing method.

Running 10.4, Transmit is the best. I can only imagine Forklift would be better in 10.5.

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@martijn86 Ahh I see

Yea thats my frustration with cyberduck, I just have been too lazy to use forklift.

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