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How long can I keep my dried herbs?

Asked by tinyfaery (40411points) November 9th, 2008

Some spices have expiration dates, others do not. How long can my herbs and spices stay fresh? They are all kept in glass jars and in a cool, dry place

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The herb packagers will tell you six months to a year, but I think that’s partly self-interest.
Trust your nose. If they’re waning in strength, you can add more volume than you did when they were brand new. Old ones won’t hurt you, just won’t be as poignant.

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If they are fully dried, they won’t spoil, but, as above, will lose potency over time. You are storing them well already.

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One year then they loose potency if dried. But if you freeze them in olive oil and water they last pretty much forever.

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Gooch, lurve. Very cool, great tip.

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Spices can be kept for years if stored right, but most people don’t do that, You can keep them for a very long time in tightly sealed jars, But you also need to keep them out of the light. It really isn’t recommended that you keep them in the frig, as the moisture in there will cause molding of the spices. Hope this helps, good luck to you.

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I keep my herbs (mostly home grown and dried) in glass jars in an armoir I use mostly just for herbs. They last what seems like forever.

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