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Is anyone else in the process of growing a winter beard?

Asked by buster (10222points) November 12th, 2008

I haven’t shaved in almost five weeks. My beard will help protect me from the winter elements as well as make me look like a lumberjack. What kind of beard are you growing. Im going with the full beard.

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I didn’t truly understand the concept of a winter beard until I moved to NYC (from Cali). It’s hilarious when I hear my Oakland/San Francisco friends say they’re growing a ‘winter beard.’ Forty degrees is not cold.

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I’m growing a beard. Not letting it get long though. Trimming it some. But hair is hair. Of course, then again, I never completely got rid of my beard since last January… Haha!

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I wish I could grow a nice warm beard :(

then again that would be slightly weird

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I’m more involved in growing a mustache, as you can see in this silly picture i hope that i’ll be able to nail it in a few weeks :)

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@ buster: lurve for you! i laughed out loud at your question! loves it!

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Thats nice Iwamoto!

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thanks, although i already told my girlfriend “just tell me if it stings, i’ll trim it” but it seems i already passed the sting phase and am now moving on to the soft phase :)

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The bigger my beard gets the smaller my head looks. Is that a good thing?

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My boyfriend is in the process of growing a “I no longer have to go into an office and shave everyday beard because I now work from home” Let me tell you, lets just say we call him beardface.

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It’s Beard Fah-say!!!


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Well I say “Beardly Weirdly!”

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<—- What do you think?

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i had snow in my beard on the way home, i felt like some mountain climber

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i am indeed at full beard right now, though it could use some length

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@generalspecific You may want to find someone to grow one for you!

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<<Here’s my current configuration
I have had hair on my face in one form or another, continuously since 1974.

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A Beard Poem

By George Carlin

Here’s my beard.
Ain’t it weird?
Don’t be sceered,
Just a beard.

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I’m growing a stiletto beard.

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