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What are the minimum requirements for a beard?

Asked by robmandu (21306points) August 25th, 2008

For one, I think that if a person is going with a beard (not a goatee, not a van dyke… a beard!) then he should have some amount of visible hair on his chest.

Also, I think it’s jarring if the beard is some radical other color than the rest of the hair.

Do you have examples, suggestions, tips, tricks, preferences of your own to share?

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I have dark brown hair and my bread comes out red.

They only requirement is you need to be a MAN. Do you need to do things like hunting and fishing or house building or wrestle an alligator then you’ll get a bread.

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Facial hair…

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The person has to be a rugged guy. A manly man. You know, the kind that chops down trees and turns them into plywood using their teeth.

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I completely disagree that one needs to be a “manly” man to have a beard. Some of the nicest beards I’ve seen are on well groomed professional men (think doctors, professors, and the like). My hubby’s goatee comes is very different from the hair on his head…it’s several different colors, and I think it makes it interesting. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be interesting in a full beard, as well.

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Where is Iwamoto….

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2.metal band

Google valient thorr

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My beard is red while my hair is a blond/red. As far as requirements go, check out what I’m going for. It’s sported well by Mr. Dunn.

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When I think of a beard, I think of lumberjacks. I guess the second thing to come to my mind would be crazy geniuses.

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Testosterone. And a face with pores on it.

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I say cover your face where your beard will go. Poll some nearby people about how creepy you might look. If you’re getting high creepfactors don’t do it. You might end up looking like that guy from Broken Social Scene (in this photo he is counting, in his head, the number of children he has eaten). Creepersville – not desireable.

A widely used technique if you have a very boyish face then a beard will visually man you up quick.

As far as grooming goes its a thin line you must walk. Beards that are excessively well-groomed look wrong somehow. Excessively unkempt beards look like you may be hiding a snack in them for later. You want to hit that “I know I look good but I don’t really put any effort into it” look.

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Your wife’s permission!

and am I the only one associating full-grown beards with academics and bavarians?

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< < has been known to participate in the occasional chicken dance whilst swilling beers at a fest.

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<< would like to have seen that!!

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Have to say I do not get your requirement number one at all. Kissed and slept with a lot of guys with beards and never thought about the chest hair thing. I think that is a personal preference.

As to your requirement number two. I don’t hold with that one either. My husband is blond and his mustache (and beard if he had one) are reddish brown. I think that is very common.

My requirements are that the person have the capability to grow a beard. I hate ratty, wispy beard wannabes. they just make the person look unkempt.

I also like the beard and mustache hair long enough that it does not prickle or tickle when we kiss.

Also, beards are like long hair. they benefit from trimming even if you want them long.

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She has to be able to accompany you to office-related social events, your aunt’s house for Thanksgiving, casual dinners with friends who “don’t know”, but then be able to disappear when you start making eyes at the handsome cater-waiter.
Just me?

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1. Chin
2. Facial Hair

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