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Has anyone ever tried internet dating?

Asked by ccrash3 (375points) November 14th, 2008

My friends keep telling me to go on E Harmony, but I’m hesitant.

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2nd life i heard is a big craze.

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I met my SO online, and we have been together close to 7 years, but it wasn’t from a dating site.

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I tried it but it wasn’t through a dating site. I just started talking to someone, very regularly, and one thing led to another. I actually started talking to him on the very first Q&A site I ever went to, which was WHquestion. He asked, “What are the odds?” and I gave him an elaborate answer about them being little forest people… Anyway, the details don’t matter.

It was the biggest mistake of my life. Not because I did it in the first place, but because I fucked everything up and I’ll think about it for the rest of my life. I know that I’ll never come across another man that will live up to everything that he was…

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I was very active in ICQ (a sort of chat messenger in high school). I was shy so i chose to meet girls online. THrough ICQ I met my first girl. We went out for 4 years before breaking off. Nevertheless i don’t encourage such dating way.

It seems that you really like the guy. What messed things up that time? ( im starting to get nosy)

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I didn’t like it.

I tried, eharmony, and craigslist. It was a very high noise to signal ratio, if you will, on the internet. I’ve had much better luck meeting women through friends at parties.

Of the dating sites I went to, I found eharmony to have the most antequated web interface ever, which is pretty much unforgivable. It’s very clunky. has a better interface but is more of a “meat market” which sucks. My most successful internet dates were through craigslist, by buying two tickets to a concert, then advertising a free ticket and dinner, and asking for a photo and a paragraph telling me who they are and what they’re about. This way, at the very least, you know you have the concert to talk about.

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@Mea: I did really like him. As a matter of fact, I loved him more than I’ve ever loved another human being in my life. So much so, that I’m fairly positive I will never experience those feelings with anyone else again. Your questions are okay, but I’m afraid that I can’t answer today, because that’s a very hard road for me to go down, even years later.

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Right.. I wish you all the best !dont take it too hard.

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If you do go the internet dating route, it’s best to find the dating site that best caters to people like you. Each dating site has its own demographic, and you’ll probably want to be matched with people you would recognize as potential mates.

My husband was once on e-harmony, back in the day. He says that they’re very good at matching up singles from the Christian Right. If you are at the end of that particular bell curve, as he was (not being Christian and all), he says that they match you up with other people at the end of their own bell curve – I guess if you are not part of their center-of-mass, all freaks are alike, so to speak. (Keep in mind that this is just one man’s opinion.)

That said, neither e-harmony, OK Cupid, nor any of the other multitude of dating sites helped my husband. He met me through a friend. ;)

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J-Date seems to have a really good success rate.
So much so that some of my friends are thinking of converting.

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Nimis…your link took me to a geekologie site..??

I don’t want to convert to a geek! LOL
I googled JDate and I don’t think it’s for me but thanks for the input!

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My best friend is an internet dating veteran. She has had very bad luck with it, and isn’t too keen on the whole idea anymore.

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Oops! Sorry about that!
Too many windows open.

Two couples that we know met on J-Date got married this year.
Another couple has been dating for three years and I’m sure they’ll bite the dust get engaged soon.

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I didn’t like it. Kept getting stuck in the web!

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Tried and convicted!

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i met my current boyfriend on eharmony. it’s a great site in my opinion.

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