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How to move an old stove?

Asked by angus (22points) November 15th, 2006
We're thinking about installing some new tile in the kitchen (quickie stuff, not the focus of the question), but we have this old 1950's stove in there. What's the best way of maneuvering the stove around so we can tile under it? I'm worried about the gas line.
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call pge...really, they will make a visit and ensure you are using the cranes and whatnot without setting the house ablaze
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I moved a stove with my two roommates, and we just turned off the gas and the unhooked the hose and carried the sucker out!
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And we were proud to have done it without the help of any men :)
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I'd recommend renting an appliance dolly from Uhaul for $10. It's large and has a center strap. You can use that to maneuver the stove around easily.
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