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Can I immunize myself from being disregarded?

Asked by gz0000 (8points) November 15th, 2008

Handsome looking Australian-born Chinese male, 58 years (not blue-eyed blonde), crippled (moderate ABI, car accident, speech soft,slurred…

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It’s possible.

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You cannot change how others act, you can only change how you act. Be vocal, engage others, and make yourself heard.

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Those who disregard you aren’t worthy of your respect or consideration. You have the gift of knowledge of yourself and your worth, and no other human being has the power to affect that.

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You mentioned having soft, slurred speech. Remember, the quality of what you say is far more important than the volume at which you present it. Those who do not or cannot differentiate between the two are never going to be worth your troubles.

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I have the same problem but with different details. I found that therapy has done wonders. You will probably never become “immune” but you can learn to cope in a better way.

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I think he meant preventing the problem, not dealing with the effect. :)

…I think.

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You sound divine to me. Where do you live? Perhaps I could give you a kiss (see avatar).

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I think you already have… 7 people have responded in regards to your question. As for people obsessed with overlooking everything and everyone that fails to meet a certain standard of “normal”... Who cares? Normal is boring and unoriginal. I can think of no greater hell than a shallow existence.

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