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What are some phrases that don't exactly make sense?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) November 17th, 2008

Example: No-host bar. Makes me think no one is there and I can help myself, but really it’s just the passive way of saying “you have to pay for your drinks.” Or clipless pedals for bicycles. They actually have clips so why are they called clipless? Just curious because I just received an invitation to a party with a no-host bar.

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I work in banquets and I can sort of explain the bar thing.. a “host bar” is what most people call an “open bar”, it means the host of the event is paying for the liquor. No-host would mean that no host is paying for the bar. We also call this a “cash bar”.

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from wikipedia

“Clipless refers to the lack of an external toe clip (cage), but not to be confused with platform pedals without toe clips”

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driveway…it is where you park your car, not drive it…

parkway…it is where you drive your car not park it

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“Put your best foot forward” I think my feet are about the same and I don’t play favorites.

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I guess I should have called it “misleading” phrases and I like the additions to the list. Stupid fun for a monday….....

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appointment time at your doctor’s office…it is never that time, it’s always at least an hour later…they should call it check in time

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“You can’t have your cake and it eat too.”
Why not?
The original was “You can’t eat your cake and have it too,” but no one says it that way.

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Please call the Medicare hotline for assistance on your insurance questions, if you are a senior. A voice will announce every 20 seconds that the wait will only be four hours. If you have a heart attack, please press #4.

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