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What are the names of the grocery stores in your area?

Asked by girlofscience (7550points) November 17th, 2008

This will be fun, guys! I’m always interested in the names of grocery stores in different areas. Aren’t you?

Also indicate which is your favorite.

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When I lived in Philadelphia, PA, the grocery stores were Acme, Super Fresh, Shop Rite, and Pathmark. My favorite was Acme.

In Durham, NC, the grocery stores are Kroger and Food Lion. My favorite is Kroger.

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Bay Shore, Long Island, New York

Pathmark, Stop and Shop, Shoprite, Super Target, Best Market

I prefer Best, because it’s small and normally has great deals.

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Richmond, VA: Ukrops and Ellewood Thomspons for the super-locals. Krogers and Food Lion for the bigger brands. Whole Foods too.

Chicago: Jewel-Osco, Dominicks, Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and a city FULL of farmer’s markets.

Seattle, WA: Safeway, Albertson’s, QFC, Central Market.

Oh, I’m sorry: I prefer Ukrops, Central Market, and the Green City Market (one of the Farmer’s markets in Chicago)

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in Bakersfield, CA there is vons and Albertsons and Trader Joes and the new one is called Fresh and Easy…my fav is trader joes because it has trendy food.

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I only shop at Trader Joe’s!

The only So Cal-specific grocery store I’ve encountered is Henry’s. We also have Albertson’s, Vons, and <3 Whole Foods <3.

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San Francisco Bay Area: There was a chain called Lucky that my grandfather worked at for decades. All the stores were eventually bought by and converted into Albertson’s. But then, a new company relaunched the Lucky brand as a discount supermarket but it seems unaffiliated with the past stores. It’s a weird, boring story.

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Laramie, WY: Albertson’s, Safeway, K Mart and Walmart. That’s about all we have.

I spent a summer in Eastern Washington state (Richland), and there was this store called WinCo. That was the most amazing place ever.

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@nikipedia: I refuse to shop at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Goddamn you new-age organic health purefood weirdos.

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Louisville, KY:

Valu Market
Whole Foods

I really like Valu Market

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Oh! We have Aldi in Chicago too! I always forget about them because the closest one is still ridiculously hard to get to.

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We have Safeway, Giant, Acme, Food Lion, Shoppers Food Warehouse, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes. I however want a Piggly Wiggly! I also remember going to ShopRite in NY when I was young and getting stamps with our groceries that we used to paste in books??

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Ann Arbor, Michigan. Meijer (where I mostly shop), Kroger (rarely shop), Trader Joe’s (occasional) and Whole Foods (only when I have to).

In Raleigh NC I used to shop at Wellspring (now Whole Foods, ugh) and Food Lion. In Orlando, FL I was an Albertson’s and Chamberlin’s fan.

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Empress, they have Central Market in Seattle? I had no idea! I have never talked to someone who didn’t live in Texas that had heard of Central Market. I have decided it’s my favorite grocery store EVER.

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Kedai Runcit Sin Ho selling almost everything you need from toilet papers to onions

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Milwaukee Area:

Sentry Food
Piggly Wiggly
Pick ‘N Save

Sentry is my favorite for everyday stuff (Pick ‘N Save is a close second) and Sendik’s is my favorite high-end store.

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Philadelphia: Acme, Super Fresh, Shop Rite, and Pathmark are still here. But Whole Foods, Fresh Foods, Trader Joes and Genuardis are here, too. There are more, but I’m not sure about all of them. They started a new chain to serve inner city neighborhoods. Of course, there are farmer’s markets, too! I hate going into grocery stores. Everything looks so plastic.

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@Daloon – yeah, we have farmer’s markets and food co-ops here, too – they’re my first choice, actually.

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Alton, IL. (Right by St. Louis Misourri)

Schnucks, Shop n’ Save, Save a Lot.. and we used to have a Park ‘n Shop, but not we have a stupid Walmart being built and three stores, including Park ‘n Shop, have already closed.
It makes me soo maddddlkajlksdjf

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Red Apple Market

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Well here in northern Utah we have some doozies.

and my personal favorite

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Århus, Denmark

Superbest (wonder who came up with that name :-)

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Jewel (we know you’re from chicago if you call it “Jewel’s”)
Dominick’s (closing all over the place)
Aldi (all deez stores is cheap) no music in the store. i hate it
Walt’s (just sounds like that still have a fresh bakery and a meat cutter named “Joe”
Ultra (food stocked up to the ceiling accepting link cards as well)
Whole Foods Market (designer shopping)
save-a-lot: yeah right
food for less: long wide aisles and no background music.

Fairplay (the one on 22nd street makes the best sandwiches)

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Northern Territory, Australia – Coles, Woolworths (referred to as Woolies) & 5 Star . I like Coles they have better fresher greener, fruit & veg!

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In MA we have:
Market Basket
Stop and Shop (this is where I shop)
Whole Foods

I’ve always wanted to have one named Piggly Wiggly!

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In MA we also have Trader Joe’s.

But I think a more interesting question would be the regional grocery stores of yore. Around here that would add A&P, First National, S.S. Pierce, Converse, and probably a bunch more I’ll remember in the middle of the night.

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Autumn43 Mass. here, too. My list is the same as yours—down to the comment about wanting a store called Piggly Wiggly!

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Food 4 Less
Bel Air
SaveMart (cheapest alcohol in Davis, by the way)
... then there’s the Farmer’s Market.

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The Seattle ones are already nailed, but in upstate New York we had Wegman’s, Price Chopper, Hanaford, and the unfortunately named P&C.

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Twin Cities MN:
Cub Foods
Super Target
Whole Foods

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Fred Meyer
Market of Choice
Red Apple

We do most of our shopping at WinCo and Market of Choice. WinCo is a huge warehouse place that is really cheap. Market of Choice is more of a big grocery store with a heavy leaning towards organic.

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Tampa Florida: Publix, Winn Dixie.
Houston Texas: HEB, Randalls, Kroger.

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Annapolis Maryland: Giant, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Shoppers, Safeway. Also, Sam’s and my favorite, BJ’s

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They had Delchamps in the New Orleans area, and when the locals were going shopping for food, they’d say: “We’re makin’ groceries!”

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We have Fred Meyer’s, but in the lower 48, I think it is called Krogers, There is a corner gas stop called Holiday, and another store called Red Apple, Carrs and Safeway, there use to be a Kmart up here, and there is a Walmart, Hope this helps.

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La Chica: They are different stores with the same name and general, like, idea apparently, but totally different places. Every time we want to look up ours online we find the Texas one. It’s awkward. And kind of annoying.

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These are the ones I remember going to in my area:

Trader Joe’s
Nob Hill Foods
Whole Foods
Berkeley Bowl
99 Ranch Market
CALA Foods
Nijiya Market
Mollie Stone’s
Bell Market

I thought they only had Aldi in Germany!
I thought Woolworth’s went out of business about 10 years ago?
I totally want a Piggly Wiggly…just for the name.

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Trader Joe’s
Whole Foods, which I continue to call “Real Foods” the first “health food store” I ever went to in SF. Does Real Foods even exist anymore?

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Harris Teeter
Trader Joe’s
Food Lion (yuck!)
Fresh Market
Lowe’s Food
Super Walmart…I REFUSE to shop at any wal-mart!

I prefer Harris Teeter and Fresh Market – only because Bi-Lo is changing, far too much and the quality has dropped.

I’m near Charlotte, NC

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In North Central Florida there was PUBLIX, (that was my favorite because of it’s name) Albertsons, Winn Dixie, Wards (I think that may have just been a local one.) Oh man, there were a lot but I can’t remember all of them.

In Northern Texas we have United and Super Wal-mart. Woo freaking hoo.

This is only of the towns I lived in.

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Wegmans is king in upstate NY.
We also have Tops.

In Colorado the big ones were Safeway and Albertsons.

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@krose1223 – they had Goodings, too. I’m not sure it’s still there, though.

I loved getting the Heath Bar cookies at Publix! We always shopped at Albertson’s, though…closer to the house.

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@cak- Goodings? Hmmm… I didn’t ever come across that one. And yes, when I was little I was always sure to get my free cookie. I wonder if they still do that…

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I’ve also seen a Macy’s in Utah. I was confused when I first went there because I heard everyone talking about getting groceries there. I was like “What? They sell clothes!!”

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Hobart, Tasmania, Australia:

Woolworths (used to be Purity)
Festival IGA
Fabulous Foodmarket
Value Plus
K Mart
the last two being sort of department store type things as well, kinda like walmart

I usually like Woollies best but Coles has better cookies ;)

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Nobody from Austin here? Central Market there is the greatest, bestest, most wonderfulest grocery story I’ve ever been in. And I’ve spent a lot of time in Wegman’s!

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Spokane Valley, Wa,
We are just getting a WenCo,
Fred Meyers,
The Trading Company,
Yokes Fresh Market,
Super 1 Foods,
Costco, of course,
Rainbow Foods,
Rosauers, and
URM Cash and Carry, and , though not just food stores,
I think thats it. I may have forgotten one or two. I can’t wait for Wenco, that place is crazy. We may be getting a Trader Joes soon also.

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Several people have answered for Philadelphia, so I’ll just say that I didn’t really have a favorite there. I liked Giant or Acme, I suppose.

Tallahassee/Miami: Publix was absolutely my favorite!

So far for SoCal, I like the 99 Ranch Market and Ralph’s. We’ll see.

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NYC has:

Trader Joe’s
Whole Foods
Garden of Eden
Key Foods
Met Food
Food Emporium

There’s ShopRite too, but mainly in Queens and Long Island. I’ve never seen one where I am. When I was in London, I shopped at Sainsbury, Tesco and Harrods Food Halls (once). They’ve got a Whole Foods on Kensington High Street now that’s the same as the ones in US.

And I miss Cub Foods. There’s hardly any such thing as a warehouse supermarket in NYC, at least not as big as the ones in the Midwest, though Fairway is close.

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@ Rockstargrrrlie: when we visit my aunt in Tampa we call it PUBE-lix


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Las Vegas:

Whole Foods
Fresh N’ Easy
Safeway (rare)
Trader Joe’s
WalMart Neighborhood Something

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