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What do you do at your job?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) November 19th, 2008

What kinds of tasks do you usually do? What kinds of things are you thinking about when you do these things?

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Used to be a package car driver with UPS before I retired from there…..I had to do the thinking of others while they were driving :-)

Current job is dealing in education with standardized testing and statistics….now I have to think about what the kids were thinking when they wrote something down on paper…

I guess I’m always thinking about other people :-)

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It looks like a lot of us hang out on fluther. :-)

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I’m a runner/billing/assistant to the paralegal.
I do a little of it all.

I also tutor English, Political Science, & History on opposite days.

And I guess I’m a student as well. Boy, I can’t wait for school to be done.

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I’m an insurance agent. I sell home, auto, boat, etc coverage in the states of North Dakota and Minnesota. I’m also an independent consultant for Arbonne International.

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I do page layout, graphic/web design and web development both for a small company and freelance. When I’m doing these, at least here at work, things here at work, I’m thinking about not being here and the frosty mug I wish I had.

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I’m about to be a full-time student again but am currently selling vintage clothing/sneakers. My duties include: ravaging thrift stores, flea markets, estate sales, rummage sales, friends’ closets, dumpsters, etc…

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Mti_Aack, I thought you would send us to one of your listings!

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I plant trees, size them, grade them, and mark them for sale. I prune trees and stake and tie them periodically. I make sure rabbits haven’t chewed through irrigation. I count trees. I clone trees. Everything that needs to be done with trees. Fertilize, dig, grow, talk about. Not the most exciting stuff.

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@judi: i dont like reading spam, so why would i send it.

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I don’t have one yet. Still being a mommy for a bit longer.

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but the question opened the door!

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I do data entry.

I think about the data I’m entering (which is sometimes actually interesting; I work in entertainment). I curse out the art directors if they laid out the data in a hard-to-read, crappy fashion. I think about what I’ll be doing after work, what I’m making for dinner, what we do in class next week, how much I wish I could go on vacation… lotsa things.

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I sell chemicals in the eastern United States so I spend much time in airports and rental cars. I meet with customers and their sales reps updating them on the newest and best lines we have. I do a lot of speaking engagements. I spend much time at trade shows. I talk on the phone quite a bit and send constant streams of email.

When not on the road, like now, I work in my home office and Fluther. This time of year is slow for us, so I will be here quite a bit!

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@judi: well, if you insist: ebay

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I work with government funding to provide needed services for senior citizens. With the current economy and the mess funding is in right now after the last eight years, these are challenging times.

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That’s funny because you’re way younger than me (I think) and here’s MY listing! ebay

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haha!! i do sell many of my video games because im outgowing them, but they currently arent listed. i just started on ebay, and havent sorted through my stuff yet.

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Before I quit a few weeks ago, I worked in retail. At an electronics store. It was good when I first started, I gained confidence serving customers and learnt so much about the products and computers and phones and mp3 players and all that jazz… but then I put the stock out once, and I must have done such a good job it that I became the unofficial stock bitch. It sucked. Every weekend I would come in and there would be about 10 boxes of stock waiting to go out, and no one else would help cause they’re all lazy bastards, so I would spend the day putting that out, and facing everything, and would just pray that my few sales would be big ones so I could reach a ridiculously high sales target as well. I’m glad I quit.

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I work for a local county government doing something similar to child protective services. i conduct in home safety assessments (which means visiting at home and making sure there are no safety or risk issues, such as parents being intoxicated, parents going to therapy, etc). i also attend to family court cases in reference to the families and kids. to do the home visits and court dates i have to drive in the government car. i do reports on the computer, and consult with service providers either on the phone or at meetings on the families i deal with— service providers being therapists, substance abuse counselors, domestic violence counselors, school social workers, etc. i have conferences with the supervisor advising him of all of the above, to make sure we’re all on the same page as far as a plan for the families go and what direction to take the cases.

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I manage website development. Basically, I talk to clients, designers and programmers about what they are doing, what they want to be doing, what they got stuck doing and how to move forward with what they are doing.

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I teach eighth grade literature, language arts, and American history to a group of 35 students who have not had academic, behavioral and/or social success in the traditional educational setting. I spend a lot of time on character education and social mores. I’m doing my best to make sure that none of my students are left behind.

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I am bi-vocational: critical care nurse and ordained clergy. Don’t fluther at work. Pretty busy taking care of other people, some who are quite ill.

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I don’t Fluther at work, either. Our filter blocks it :(.

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oh, i forgot to say i fluther at work, too. more so checking fluther than writing. i check and then leave, check and then leave, so i’m not on for too long at a time.

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I code and I support :-( i love the code part. support sux.

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i should have added that at any time i may find a situation that is reportable as child abuse or neglect, which may result in the child(ren) being removed to the custody of an adult or foster care. this has happened three times in the eight years i’ve been here. once the kids go to foster care, it’s hard for the parents to get them back (at least in this county). it’s a big responsibility as far as jobs go. my friends tease me about breaking up families, but i tell them we don’t want to do that, it’s actually more work to remove the kids.

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I make (and drink) coffee for a little-known coffee shop called Starbucks.

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I am a housewife/stay-at-home mom! Or as I like to call it a “domestic engineer”. I do the usual, clean, wash clothes, cook, taxi service…all that you would expect!

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I do data entry of physical therapy charges to health insurance companies. It is both pleasant and maddening in how little thought, but at the same time how much attention to detail, it takes. But I get to work at home, make my own hours, and listen to my own music, which is pretty much all I care about. While I work, I usually think about either work or the paper I’m currently writing.

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Wow, I have a way different answer to this question now than the one I originally gave. :D

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I was thinking that about you too @augustlan when this question popped back up again. :-)

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I have to change my answer! After 14 years as a stay at home mom/housewife, I now work in distribution at Coty Inc. I do many things and hope to learn many more! I pack boxes with bubble wrap, audit the product going out, and I run orders! I also put stickers on some of the products.

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