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Guys. What does it mean to you when you rub a female friends back?

Asked by skt (1points) November 19th, 2008

Standing next to a male friend recently. He, out of the blue, started rubbing my back.

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he probably wanted to touch you

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if he’s usually a charismatic person, it could mean nothing, but if he’s really shy, it probably took a lot of courage for him to touch you. shy people have a very different sense of space.

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It means the guy is a creep.

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If you managed to type this, it means his Vulcan Death Grip failed.

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That you two shared a precious moment.

…or that he’s a creeper.

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peedub, lurve for bringing back that icon of my youth…

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@peedub, true that! Skt, if you were riding on a swan when it happened, you know it’s magic.

We need more information, though, really. What is your relationship with this jeepster?

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We’ve been friends (started out as a business relationship) for a couple of years but every so often he’ll do something like this that throws me.

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Maybe he was trying to unhook your bra.


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Maybe he was sticking the “kick me” sign on your back. Or he had something sticky on his hand.

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It all depends on the situation and the extent of their relations. Look for other cues, such as other body language hints, to show if it was a friendly gesture or more than that.

As a guy, I would give a quick back scratch, or light rub, to a female buddy if I feel friendly at a particular moment. It wouldn’t be often or extended though.

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Maybe he’s a cat in a man’s body and he was actually making biscuits on your back.

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Translation: I want to remove your bra.

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I’d say in that instance, he likes you.

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He wants to sleep with you.

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Did you feel anything else poking at your back?

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like a tube of lifesavers?

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Did you ask him? Can you ask him? I’d ask him, gently and with a smile, of course, the next time he does it. “So you’re a masseur now?” Or something like that.

If he never does it again, well, never mind.

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could be he’s testing the waters to see what where to rub next. Friends and or business partners should not invade your space. In some situations that’s sexual harassment. Mr touchy should keep his hands in his pockets, and concentrate his speaking skills, untill you give him the ok
To explore your backside. I think it was very forward of him to do and he was testing your ability to shut that type of activity down. Unless it’s friends with benefits. Good luck.

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He is probably trying to turn you on and get closer to you.

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Turn her on? He must have been searching for her switch then.

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