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What are the best Boston Attractions?

Asked by hfurst (1points) November 20th, 2008

I just moved to the city from the country and I am looking for suggestions on the best Boston events, restaurants, bars, attractions, etc. What is the best way to find this information?

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Boston attractions

It is a large and wonderful city. Where exactly are you living and how much free time do you have? (Buy long underwear and earmuffs soonest.) Museum of Fine Arts, Science Museum, Harvard Square, shopping on Newbury St., the Commons.

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the boston aquaruims is super.that is the best place that i have ever been in boston.

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I could spend days in the Science Museum.

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Well, if you’re looking for clubs, live music and the like, pick up a copy of Stuff at Night. A free rag you can find on any corner in the city.

You can find out about “about town” kind of stuff by reading the Improper Bostonian. Also free around the city.

My personal favorites as a life long Bostonian:
Seafood Cheap: The Barking Crab
Barbecue: Blue Ribbon BBQ in Arlington
Museum: The Elizabeth Stuart Gardner Museum
Square: Davis Square in Somerville
Stuff: Newbury Comics on Newbury Street (natch)
Ice Cream: JP Licks
For a Walk: The Public Gardens
Winter Fun: The Skating Rink at The Boston Common
Local Farm: Wilson Farm in Lexington (Full Disclosure: I work there)
Subs: Bob’s Food Store in Medford
Movie Theater: The Capital Theater in Arlington

Hey…Welcome to the neighborhood.

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The Frog Pond just opened for skating. That looks to be a lot of fun!

And the science museum is a jewel in the city.

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I’d go for Redbones over Blue Ribbon for barbecue, and the Somerville Theater over the Capital. Perhaps this is just a pro-Somerville, anti-Arlington bias on my part; perhaps it’s just that Redbones and the Somerville Theater are more accessible by train. And I’d go for Herrell’s in Harvard Square or Allston over J. P. Licks. But I don’t think you can really go wrong with any of the things that cprevite recommended.

The Museum of Fine Arts is a very good traditional art museum, too, and only Gail has mentioned it. (Also, you’ll have an easier time finding the Gardner museum if you spell it Isabella Stewart Gardner.) Those two and the science museum are top-notch. There’s also the ICA, Institute for Contemporary Art, which does have a lot of contemporary art.

Alas, Harvard Square has turned into an open-air shopping mall, and the latest harbinger of this is that Out of Town News is closing. (There are still some indie shops here and there, mostly down JFK street, a couple blocks from Harvard Square.) If you want Bohemian, Davis Square is the place to go; if you want real Cambridge, go for Central Square.

If you’re interested in history stuff, you can spend an entire day walking the Freedom Trail. There are also books that offer walking tours of various neighborhoods, and you can do a lot worse than picking up one of those and seeing the architectural highlights of the Back Bay, for instance.

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If you go to one ballpark in your life, make it Fenway Park.

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OMG! How could I have forgotten Fenway?! There is no other experience like it if you are a baseball lover. And if you are a Red Sox fan? Heaven.

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Go to the docks and have a Tea Party.

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