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Can I use a clean toothbrush to spread my bbq sauce to oven cooked split chicken wings?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24532points) 2 weeks ago

Also have you thought of it?

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Yes, you can use any kind of clean brush.

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You sir can do that.

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Hell, use a “dirty” one!

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I have several silicon brushes now, I used to use the backside of a fork.

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@Tropical_Willie I will use the back of a tablespoon sometimes, and just mush the bbq sauce on.

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I used to use a paint brush; now I use a silicone brush.

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I use a spoon but your sauce brush is a good investment for your kitchen. Usually cheap.

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For that matter you could use your fingers.

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^^ good ole hands-on technique!

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Just wash the hands real good after handling raw chicken.

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No. Use a brand new one that you are just removing from the sealed packaging.
Better to buy a small silicone brush for that… goes into the DW after.

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I second @jca2‘s suggestion for a silicon brush designed for this exact application. They’re better at getting sauce on the meat, cleaner and not very expensive at all. You can use a car jack to hammer in a nail, but if a hammer costs less money, wouldn’t it make sense just to use a hammer?

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Why not just soak it in BBQZ sauce?

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@Dutchess_III Because depending how you’re cooking it, if it’s soaked in BBQ sauce for the duration, the sauce will burn. The ideal way is to cook the chicken and put the sauce on during the last 15–20 minutes of cooking.

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Update I bought two food brushes from the grocery store. They cost less than $2.

Am making wings now and will use the brush for the Sweet Baby rays original bbq sauce in the last 15 minutes of cooking.

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Update chicken wings were made perfectly. They were delicious. I used Sweet Baby rays original bbq sauce. The sauce contains pineapple juice.

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@RedDeerGuy1 I hope you made enough for EVERYONE!! Sounds delicious. I hope you enjoyed. What’s next on your food adventures?.

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@Forever_Free I might order pork sholder blade steaks.

I don’t recommend chocolate covered bananas.

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^^ Chocolate and strawberries or raspberries are a better choice.

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@Forever_Free I have chocolate covered (raisins,almonds, and coconut left).

I added some mixed berries in the online shopping cart.

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Update I put bbq sauce on the (food not tooth) brush. Basted better than spreading the bbq sauce on the wings then spreading.

Was delicious and perfect.

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Thanks for update, glad it came out good for you.

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