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What are some things that you can do to guarantee that you will be miserable?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (24648points) 2 months ago

I watched two YouTube videos from Mark Manson, and they were funny.

Please add to the list?
What else can one do to guarantee that one would be miserable?

Humor and serious answers welcome.

Please provide a link for us as I am on my cell phone.

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Look at and compare what you own to what your friends and neighbors own.

Someone is always going to have a bigger house, a nicer car, etc. If you compare what you have to others, you will always find someone with something better.

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Expect that the world owes you something.

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Read the news.

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Applying for a mortgage. Doesn’t matter how financially sorted I think I am it always makes me feel like I can’t adult.

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Ask a lot of questions on fluther expecting good questions.

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@zenvelo Or answers?

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Watching a movie of my wife’s choosing.

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Unlike some people, I do NOT enjoy being miserable, so I wouldn’t do anything to work toward it!!!

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Lately, sleep with the window open that’s right by my head. I wake up all snuffly in the morning but it’s just so nice out at night that I can’t resist!

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Complain about everything.

Be critical of friends and family members. Compare material possessions to the things that other people own, and always find them lacking. Believe that every minor inconvenience is an unjust emergency, and react accordingly. Complain about the weather, retail service and restaurant meals, each little ache or pain, and every aspect of life.

Haven’t we all known such people? Nobody likes them, including the strangers they encounter in day-to-day life, and they’re alone and miserable.

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Be openly jealous of other people’s lives/accomplishments/stuff.

I cal them the “It must be nice…” people.

“Oh, is that outfit new? Didn’t you just get a new outfit last time I saw you? Hmm…must be nice…”

“Wow…another vacation. Really?? It must be nice…”

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Prep for a colonoscopy!

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@janbb: Oh, you can afford a colonoscopy? Must be nice…

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@cookieman It’s called Medicare which I pay for monthly.

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(@janbb I think he was joking, re: his previous comment).

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^^ Thanks for the clarification. Now it makes sense; It didn’t seem like a cookie-ish thing to say.

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@janbb: Sorry Penguin. I was connecting the joke to my previous statement.

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Place your hopes and expectations and especially trust on an addict who’s actively using. Believe their promises. And worst of all, try to save them.

Sorry about the downer, but I took the Q seriously.

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@Jeruba Sending a hug.

@cookieman I was slow on the uptake and ruffled my feathers. All good.

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Going through your closets to purge old clothes that no longer fit. (Although actually getting rid of stuff is cleansing.)

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^^ But it can be depressing if it’s because they’re too small! :D

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^^ Yup. T’is.

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@janbb, thanks, that helps.

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Hang out at Chucky Cheese.

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@syz I remember whenever my daughter was a guest at parties at Chuck E. Cheese, I would feel like we were both dirty and our clothes needed to be washed.

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