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What you wished you learned in school?

Asked by critter1982 (4120points) November 20th, 2008

For those of you who went on from undergrad to graduate school. I am about to complete my MBA in December and there are several things that I felt my school left out of the program that I thought should have been included. In my opinion graduate school is not designed to prove that you can learn things from text books, but rather to prove that you can think critically and not simply spout things off that you memorized (like in undergrad). I feel like the school I attended fell short of class participation and class discussion, more real life career experiences, legitimate real world situational analysis, the ability for my professors to tie some of the classes together, and some overall general knowledge. Does anybody else have issues with what they learned in school and wished they had learned things in school they eventually learned the hard way?

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I could’ve used some lessons on certain social skills, like networking. On the whole, there’s a lot of social skills for real world interaction in business, about how to get along and work with all kinds of people, that I would’ve appreciated learning about.

I would’ve also liked to have learned how to actually invest in the stock market., too. And this should be started in high school, never mind uni.

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Roman numerals and world geography!

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personal finance, personal health, world religions, creation science and not just theory of evolution,work ethics, etc

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When I got my forestry degree, I wish they had touched on the environmental issues, and not just reforestation and timber harvesting.

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Wish they woulda taught us about what Christopher Columbus REALLY did to the people here before him. I also wish they woulda taught us to decide on our future early in life so we wouldn’t have to spend so much money taking classes in college trying to find our niche in the world. I also wish they woulda taught us what the Federal Reserve was ALL about.

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I wished someone had helped me learn how I learn. An assessment for showing me the methods that help me learn and adapt better would have been helpful. I feel like I was “winging it” for the most part through school.

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That girls are not to be feared. :P

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how to take proper notes

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Touch typing. I just won’t bother now, but 45 years ago I could have taken this. I would have hours—probably days—of my life back had I been able to avoid all the retyping, eradicating, whiting out, corrasable bond erasing, white taping over, and now backspacing I have had to do in those decades.

Ah—who here remembers corrasable bond?

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Personal finance!

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I remember corrasable bond! (But then, I’m an old person around here. :-))

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I wish I had paid some attention in science classes. My interest was all in the humanities, and I thought I didn’t care about science. Only when my student days were past and I started reading some popular science literature did I begin to discover the marvels of botany, zoology, chemistry, and physics—the very subjects that I once thought had been invented just to plague me.

I remember corrasable bond too. I probably still have some in a drawer somewhere. And I miss my typewriter.

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My school or program is different than the normal program. I go to an art school called CCA, and I guess it is a lot like a graduate program because they teach us to think very critically and conceptually. I am glad for this, although I think that making people suffer is weird. haha.
Well, what I think I missed in my education other than conceptual thinking is compassion. While my school is so critical, I think that many of the people are numb to feelings. It’s kind of sad. People should be taught ethics.

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