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What do you use Delicious for?

Asked by queenzboulevard (2549points) November 21st, 2008

I have an account, and I have about 20 or 30 bookmarks, but I just don’t go to the site much. My Safari bookmarks bar and menu do a good job. Anything awesome that you use Delicious for?

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I use it to bookmark anything that I might find interesting enough to revisit someday. In that way, it’s great for collecting programming reference/techniques or for tracking political discussion or even just keeping tabs on cool bits of design I stumble across. In doing so, I have to make liberal use of tags in order to find anything in the future.

I do not use it to bookmark sites I heavily visit. That’s what my browser’s bookmarks are for.

I’m also playing around with Mento which has a couple of nifty features:
– ability to associate a picture with the link in your bookmark stream
– auto-propagate Mento bookmarks into delicious

And I’m considering Ma.gnolia. While it can import all of your delicious bookmarks, it lacks some of the Mento features. Not sure yet if Ma.gnolia has enough differentiating factors to pull me off either delicious or Mento, though.

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I use social bookmark sites for sharing bookmarks, and storing my bookmarks online so I have access to them from other computers. But I also use them to find information about a topic.

The service I prefer is ma.gnolia. One of the features I like there is that you can create groups for a topic. Searching through those groups has helped me several times. And I am shameless enough to search through other services as well like Delicious and Diigo.

Lately I’ve also been using twine since you can have groups there as well and information is semantically tied together with other information. That way it is sometimes easier to find related information. Social bookmarking is good stuff.

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I have around 4000 bookmarks on I would hate to have that in my browser bookmarks menu.

I mostly use it to find stuff I found that I might want to find again. If I remember a cool menu I could visit It is easy to construct a URL and doing it locally with folders seems like a major pain.

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Back when I had 2 mac’s, and did not want to pay for .mac… I would use it for bookmark syncing.

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