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Why do my teeth feel fluffy?

Asked by simonPARASITE (195points) November 21st, 2008

There’s a funny feeling on my teeth. I don’t know why. My braces are annoying me.

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Means you haven’t brushed your teeth in a while and you’re growing mould.

Clean your teeth!

Braces suck, I just got mine off. Now I have mould growing on my retainer.

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I agree brush your teeth..

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Yup, usually when your teeth feel fuzzy it means there is a lot of plaque build-up. You still have to brush your teeth with braces, you know!

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You have to brush more than ever with braces. Floss extra, too. It’s just plaque, bacteria and other gunk built up.

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My question is “Were you doing anything dirty to the Stay Fresh Marshmallow man?”

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lol eww gross. Could you explain this fluffy-ness? I’ve never experienced this and i’ve had my braces for 2 years.

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bumpley: He probably means more fuzzy than fluffy. If he does mean fluffy, then that is a bit disturbing. Your teeth usually start feeling fuzzy when you don’t brush your teeth over a long period of time. The bacteria and plaque build-up make the fuzzy feeling. I’m not speaking for him, but he probably thought he didn’t need to brush his teeth as much with braces, but the truth is you have to brush them even more with braces!

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haha, my incredibly roasted friend was telling me the other day about how soft her teeth felt. thank you for reminding me of that :)

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